Tuesday, July 24, 2007


as i mentioned before, i received the most lover-ly of packages from the infamous jenn over at the felt mouse.

jenn and i have been bloggin' buddies for quite some time and heck, i don't even remember how. i think i stumbled on her blog way back way and fell in love with this girl's style and generousity. this chick is amazing. her crafting skills are off the charts and when i grow up, i wanna be just.like.her!!!

if you've never checked her blog, you have no idea what you are missing.

seriously! jenn, you're the best!

here are the amazing goodies that i received from her:
{note: sorry for the bad lighting....i couldn't get it right darn it. but i do love the softness to it despite the pics' lack in showing the wonderful and bright colors}

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this is everything. all beautifully packaged and put together.
major swoonage here!

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she knows i love, love, love cheeries and made me this lil pouch. girl, i still carry around the other one you made me months ago :)

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this magazine i have been coveting for MONTHS!!! i could never find it at hobby lobby or michaels and well i was too darn cheap to order it online. jenn happened to be the lucky recipient of two and a lil birdie let her know how much i wanted this magazine (okay yes, i was a lil lame-o here and told her how much i wanted this magazine...lol)

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aren't these cutie-patootie mini clipboards just the best? i cannot wait to play with these!!!

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love these lil stick pins and believe it or not, they are in the most awesome combo of teal/red. damn i love that color combo!!!

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these i cannot wait to play with. they are lil metal tabs that fold over and on the front side have an epoxy sticker. supa-ka-yute!

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the sweetest ribbon i have ever seen. do you see the popsicles on there?

and the present to end all presents.....

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can you believe this???? i literally yelped when i saw this. seriously. the air was out on the second floor that week (sweet mary i was dying. it was over 90 degrees on my floor at work) and i had one of my doors open and i just know people heard me down the hall.

i couldn't believe what wonderful goodie had plopped out into my hand. i put it on immediately. i love this thing so damn much, i can't even stand it. and if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know how nutso i am for zodiac goodies. esp. pisces goodies.

so with that my friends, i introduce to one of the most amazing gal-pals a gal could have. i just hate that jenn lives on the other side of the country. really i do. b/c if the two of us were neighbors, i would learn her mad sewing skills, and i would teach her a lil about scrapping.

maybe one day jenn :)

big hugs and love to you!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007


{yes, this is said in my house on a regular basis. this is what happens when your kiddos are addicted to raven and zach & cody}.

anyway, i forgot to mention some good news!

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i did this lo for the unpubbed challenge a few weeks ago and they picked me!!! {yes, i know, the good luck shit is getting pretty disgusting...lol}.

so this a.m., i am now officially a famer and you can read all about how famous i am here.

i don't have time for autographs {giggle}.

and if that lil comment didn't make ya wanna slap my face, check out the goodies they are sending me here.

now you can slap me :)


Don’t anyone throw anything at me b/c I know you girls are expecting some fabulous shots of the house, and well, quite frankly, I’m not even halfway done unpacking, not a thing is hung on any walls {‘cept the craft room ;} and there are boxes everywhere. I’m a lil intimidated to hang anything up on the wall and I don’t really know where or what.
Thinking about it exhausts me. So here’s hoping that within the next week or so, things will shape up and I’ll be able to post some pics. Now here I’ve done all this whining about all the stuff that I haven’t done so lemme show you what I have been doing.
I’ve been scrapping and it feel *so* good!

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Here’s my lo for olw challenge. I love how this turned out. I’m not being vain, but since I found out what the word was this go around, I have been wracking my brain trying to think of what I wanted to do. So I kinda went a different route with the word and finally all that wrackin’ was worth it 

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Here’s my lo for the most recent all about eve challenge. The challenge was to scrap your age. This was an extremely fun lo to do and it didn’t help that my photographer is amazing!!! Who’s the genius behind the camera you ask? Well its mikey!!! For a lot of my recent photos, I’ve had mikey take them. He’s great. He doesn’t judge when I wanna be silly and I feel like I can be completely relaxed when he’s behind the camera. I’m trying to teach him some of the features, well the few that I know, about my luvah the rebel (don’t worry, I don’t refer to the camera as my luvah when I’m teachin’ {wink}). If he could just get the zoom thing down, but I think he’s so terrified that he is going to do something to the camera, he doesn’t even try it.

Oh and if you girls haven’t hopped over to all about even ya’ll must. They have the most awesome challenges and their focus for the site is to scrap yourself. I know a lot of scrappers have a hard time doing that. well, minus one. I seem to be only scrapping myself lately. Horrible I know, but I’m loving it.

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this is a lo i did for noel's current challenge which is to use the no. 3. you can do it however you want. as you can see i put some of my game pieces to use!

Now on to some lo’s that I did before we moved.

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this is my first scrap jack. its also the first time i ever really cut a pic out like this and used it. love it.

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this is actually a lo i did for a challenge at scissor sisters.
and i won!

i won a gc to your scrapbook stash. i just ordered my goodies yesterday so as soon as i get those, i'll post em.

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This is a lo I did for two challenges. I did it for my girl noel for her new and inspiring challenge site and I did it for all about eve.

And guess what?!?!?

I won both challenges!

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Here’s is the amazing amount of goodies that I received from noel. I tell ya, this chick is sooo generous, it’s a wonder that she has any product to sell? Oh now your wondering “what do you mean that she has product to sell?” well my dears, hop on over here and check out her awesome store. She has amazing sales (and duh! Look above, I love a bargin) and carries some awesome product. And from what I hear, she is getting ready to have some *awesome* schtuff that is being released at cha as we speak (damn I can’t believe I had to miss it this year).

simone! you better be taking a ton of pics.

Oh and this lo also won me lotd (layout of the day) and lotw (layout of the week) at treasures to scrap. so at the end of the month you gals are going to have to give me a vote :)

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So I guess that is a lil of what has been going on. Again, I feel bad to disappoint, but I don’t wanna post pics until everything {okay, almost everything} is in its place.

On to this weekend. I have major plans for this weekend actually. Nothing too exciting, I’ll be at home all weekend while Michael gets some ot, but I do plan on getting some goodies made and up on good morning sunshine. this of course is going to include: paper packs, buckets of sunshine, vintage goodies, handmade goodies, etc. so be on the look out for that update.

Also, since I’m not in Chicago hanging out with the sistahs, I am going to participate in some of the challenges that they have going on over there. if you are a scrapper and have nothing else going on this weekend, check em out. Just go to the message boards and choose the forum “scrap chat” and get to searching. There are going to be some awesome challenges and it looks like some awesome prizes. And you gals know how much I love to win!
So I’ll be on and off the net this weekend if you wanna drop me an email or a pm. Here’s hoping ya’ll have a grrrrrreat weekend!

oh and jenn if you are reading dear, a whole post will be devoted to the lovelies that you sent me.

{major swoonage} girls.

this girl, i love so stinkin' much i can hardly stand it :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007


isn't that what everyone thinks when they have to unpack mountains upon mountains of boxes and totes?

well i'm finally hooked back up to the net. i was having some serious withdrawals which is really kinda sad....lol. i felt so detatached from the world...lol.

i'll be back later tonight with pictures and to let ya'll know what has been going on for the past week.

thank you all for the well wishes on the new house and for listening to all my bitching the past year and going thru this with me. ya'll mean soooooo much to me!!!

big hugs and smooches!!!

oh and now that i'm finally in the house, i'm hoping in the next couple of weeks i can start the sign ups for vintage vixen part 2.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


whew....what an exhausting weekend folks but so well worth it.
i have almost all my crap into the new house and i walk from room to room in complete awe that we're finally in it. michael and i love that house sooooo much. the kiddos and even fritz are in love with it.

i wish i had pictures and schtuff to show ya'll but i won't have internet access at home until friday (believe you me, i'm having major withdrawals. i can only get on so much at work).

so know that i'm not ignorning or negleting ya'll.

i'm leaving work here in about an hour or two and then it took the rest of the week off to get unpacked. the craft/scrappy room is just calling my name. i'm saving that room for thursday and friday.

ya'll have no idea how friggin' happy i am.

and to make me even happier, a few of my scrappy lo's have won various contests across the web and i got my hambly goodie in the mail that you guys are just going to have to get green with envy over.

friday evening i'll play catch up.

big hugs!

oh if anyone is needing my new addy, lmk :)

Friday, July 06, 2007


first lemme say, we signed on the house today!!!!

{throws confetti}


we're poor for the rest of our lives....lmao.

no seriously, we couldn't be more thrilled about and i still can't believe after all this time, its finally over. me and michael will be loading up a uhaul and getting stuff moved in tomorrow.

things of course are going to be hectic on my end, so i'll try one day at work to email the bloggin' buddies that are interested my new addy.

and now for the moment ya'll have been waiting for.

the winners to the rak!!

i decided to let mikey pull a name and bella pull one.

so we have two winners!!!

mikey pulled...

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and bella pulled...

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congrats girlies.

now i hope you won't mind, but due to schtuff being boxed up, i hope you don't mind if it takes me a week or so to get your goodies in the mail.

anna girl, i need your addy.

well i guess i better go, i have more packing. hope ya'll have a fab weekend!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


okay, originally my post today was going to have a bunch los that have been keeping me busy showcased to share for all the folks who don't make it to the message boards that i frequent.

but i have something better than that today.

first, i get a phone call that we are closing on the house tomorrow at 4pm {release that big deep breath dad ;} whooo-fuckin'-hooo...that means i can move in this weekend....holy shit, i'm excited.

then i go to sis and get a message from a fellow sista congratulating me on getting favorite lo at
unpubbed. holy shit again!!!!! take a look at what i get. this that not just friggin' awesome????

oh and then i almost forgot this, i got lotd (layout of the day) at treasures to scrap.

i don't know if i will be able to work the rest of the day. i'm so excited i can't even stand it.
i can't stand it i tell ya.

holy crap!

anyway, make sure you guys go to this post and leave a comment. i'll draw a winner out of a hat and hopefully make someone else's week awesome too!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


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hope ya'll have a fabulous 4th of july!!!

and in honor of the country's birthday, post a comment telling me your favorite 4th tradition and i will give one lucky commentor a rak filled with red, white, and blue goodies. i'll pick a winner friday evening!!


Tuesday, July 03, 2007


you know, things have been hectic on my end lately (hell, what am i talking about, they have been hectic for almost a year now) so i haven't been able to keep up with the blogs as much. of course this is also b/c big brother is watching and i have to be careful.

but thankfully, the other elizabeth in the circle journal that the ever wonderful andrea started send a thank you email to me.

for what you ask?

b/c sista here won 6x6 hambly goodies!!!!

can you friggin' believe it???????

i'm so excited i'm shaking. thank god elizabeth let me know b/c they drew the winners almost a month ago.


this has completely made my day.
my week.
my month.
hell, even my year.

{love you hambly}