Wednesday, July 08, 2009


....b/c i need it.

*walking around my office barefoot.

*seriously, seriously, seriously thinking that we are going to milwaukee for christmas (the cat is now outta the bag).

*greta showing me how to sew up some dresses and shirts for bella and making for of them.

*making cute lil fabric circle thingies that may make an appearance in my etsy shop.

*having my old friend amy and her hubby over for dinner in a couple of weeks.

*two good friends that listen to my belly aching.

*feeling creative and inspired despite my recent mood.

*knowing that last night after consuming three big ol glasses of wine i ate three cheeseburgers, fries, and an apple pie from mickey d's and not giving a shit! (yeah, you read that right, three cheeseburgers)

*the recent mini's i've made (stay tuned for pics)

*feeling hopeful.

*being all consumed in this book.

*wanting to redo my bedroom

what good things do you guys have to share?