Tuesday, November 04, 2008


ya know, part of the reason that i haven't blogged in forever, apart from the busy*ness, is the lack of mojo.
creative mojo that is.

i don't know what happened. it up and disappeared on me.

but with a very soft and gentle push and discovering that it wasn't too let to get on a class by the fab*boo ashley wren i believe it is back and in full force.

i came home from work early yesterday and due to an earlier conversation with a person who means the world to me, i finally grabbed my vintange nikkormat, some black and white film, and hoped for the best. the only thing is i have to wait two weeks to get it back :(

after shooting with that, i decided to shoot some of the same things that i shot with the nikkormat with my luv, the rebel.

didn't like how a lot of the pics turned out. this is what happens when you feel like you've lost your connection with your camera :( i did get these though.

what has got to be the most happiest kids on earth right????

ahh...that's better!!!

once some stuff got done around the house, it was time to work on that class.
it felt so good to do something creative ya know.
like my body and mind felt alive.
this is why i shouldn't let myself get caught up in the every day and must remember to make time for creativity. my soul needs it.

so this class is all about creating a journal.

here's my cover.

copper paint over a composition book. due to the thickness of the paint, last minute i decided to stick my hand on it and love the way the compo book peeks thru.

and the first prompt!

8 happies!

i love how this is the first page in the book. a list of things that make me happy at this moment.

so tonight the plan is to go home and do the next one. i'm super excited. i've got ideas swimming around in my head and can't wait till next week when i stay the night at g's house on monday and scrap till our heart's content.

ps...don't forget to vote!

<3 elizabeth <3


sarah said...

yipppeeeee! for finding your creativity again!
love the hand print.
that's the perfect touch to the cover!

if you see mind out wandering the streets will you send it my direction? thanks ever so much! ;)


sarah said...

oh and I should clarify...
I'm talking about my creativity out wandering the streets...
not my hand.
LOL! ;)


Aimee said...

i think my creativity left the country :P i love your journal, did you use bind it all on it?

Dana said...

Hey Sweet Friend! Happy to hear your mojo is in the house.. can you help me find mine?

A Soldier Girl said...

How about I need to get on my grind and get my stuff done from Ash Bear's class .. dang it .. love what you have done so far .. and I love the shyt out of that vintage camera kinfolk.


liz mataraza said...

love the journal and your pic is very cool! glad to see you are back and your new challenge blog looks awesome!

aimee said...

lost my scrapping mojo too! i miss it so! you have given me a little hope. miss ya!