Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HIYA! :)

okay, okay uncle sam!
i will :)

that's right. i quit smoking again for the 493,908,283 time. this time i hope it sticks. i acutally think i'm in the right frame of mind now. especially since i found out i had some dental problems so i guess that made it easier to drop. so keep y'alls fingers crossed for me.

i feel as if i should do a lil catching up post, however, since it has been almost six months (thanks kristy for pointing that out...bwahahahahaha!) since i last posted, that would make for an awfully long post and who the hell wants to read all that.

i will tell ya as of late, it's been all about my house. i sit at work and surf around for inspiration and dream of all the things i am going to add to my walls, shelves, etc. it's important to me that my home is very cozy and i feel like handmade and vintage are just the thing to do that.

one of my favorite walls in my house is in the foyer. however, no one really enters thru my front door but i can still see it from my dining room and living room so it still gets love.

it's hard to see all the lil details, but connie....i got that fab*boo mississippi dish towel, that i love oh so much, framed and hung up. it's one of my favorite pieces.

i did get a close up of the banner and wall plaque.

i have one more lil piece that's not in the picture and i want to make one more lil thing and then that wall is complete.

i've also recently found a good bit of decorating blogs which are great!

do any of you have any places i should check out.
sarah can i come over so we can thrift? lol....i know i'll find something up there.

hugs :)

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sarah said...

aww! i love your wall! i love that banner...VERY cute!

yes. come to oregon!
we will thrift and visit the beach.