Tuesday, August 31, 2004


well today is my lil bug's bday. i cannot believe that he is five. all day i have been reminising as to what i was doing on this day five years ago. i was able to call mikey at exactly 1:21 pm to tell him happy birthday and i tried to explain to him why i was calling on that minute (the time he was born) but he didn't understand. well, here is how mikey's day was: when mikey got to school, everyone shouted happy birthday. i dropped him off and me, his daddy, nonna, and bella came back around his lunch time to bring in the cupcakes for everyone. when we got there, we saw that mikey was wearing a big number five around his neck and had a "happy birthday" balloon on his chair. then ms. virginia put a candle in his cupcake and we all sang happy birthday. mikey thought that was so cool. after i picked the kids up from my mom's, we drove home to pick up daddy and then we all went to beef o'brady's (which is where mikey wanted to go to eat...for the video games of course!) so we ate and i had it set up that they would come out and sing to him when they brought him his piece of snickers pie. he loved that. he got a coffee filter for a hat and the yummiest piece of snickers pie that i have ever tasted. after we left beef o'brady's, we told mikey that we had a big surprise for him. we took him to toys r us. he had recd. a lil card in the mail, along with a $1 gift card. when we got to the service counter, we presented his lil card and he got a crown, a sticker, a balloon, and got a special cart that he got to ride around in. mikey had recd. some money from the asst. chief and from the major for his bday, so i let him pick something out with that. he picked out a gameboy game (which he is playing as we speak :) i hope my bug had the best 5th birthday ever! i love you bug!

mommy: "who's my baby?"

mikey: "mikey!"

mommy: "for how long?"

mikey: "forever!!!"


Monday, August 30, 2004


well after a week of working on my guest bathroom, *i* finally finished it (except for the stuff that is going to go at the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor. we bought the stuff at lowes and had a problem with the glue). notice how i put lil asteriks by the work i. i did it all by my lil ol self. i am so proud of *me*. i pulled the ugly green carpet, i layed the tile down. i put 4 coats of paint on the wall, i painted the border, i pulled the old tile around the sink and put in the new tile. the only thing i didn't do is take a "before" pic, which i am totally regretting right now. however, i am going to scrounge around and look for a picture that may have what the bathroom used to look like (green carpet, wood cabinets, navy blue backsplash tiles, wallpaper that had navy and green in it). but for now, here is how my bathroom looks now


for those of you that don't know, mikey has an imaginary friend named jeffin. why is he named jeffin you ask? well, my brother buddy has a friend named jeff. when my mom would mention the two of them she would say "jeff and buddy" and mikey just kind of put "jeff" & "and" together and you get "jeffin".

now lemme tell you a lil bit about jeffin. he is usually the one who writes on mikey's toys with marker, the one who makes mikey's room the mess it always is (or any mess for that matter), and the one who keeps my lil bug occupied on a regular basis. jeffin has been known to see in the trunk part of my car (suv), goes to work at night, and shares secrets with mikey. mikey and jeffin are the bestest of friends.

however, this past friday, while i was at home busy cleaning up for mikey's bday party, mikey had been playing in his room (with jeffin). he came into the living room, tears welled up in his eyes. i asked him what was wrong and he said "jeffin called me a big baby!". i had to bite my lip to keep from bustin' out laughin'. i asked mikey if he told jeffin that that was not a nice thing to say and he said yes and then went back into his room.

so you see, having jeffin around is like having a third child. he makes a mess, gets in arguments with my other child, and likes to use my walls and such for an art pad. jeffin is lucky...he nevers gets to go in time out but then again, he never gets any of mommy's loving either ;)

***oh i had to come home and add more to this post...while on our way home, my mom called and told me that mikey has been sleeping in her bedroom to take his nap once he gets there after school. well, after we left her house, she had to go to the "lil girls room" and when she walked in, she thought she entered a winter wonderland. she said there was baby powder everywhere!!! while i was on the phone with her, i asked mikey if he used nonna's bathroom. at first he fibbed and said no. then he said yes and i asked him if he got into the baby powder. he said, "i didn't do it" when i asked him who did, he said "jeffin did it"
here's a pic of mikey and jeffin :)

Sunday, August 29, 2004


mikey's bday party was a hit! the theme was teenage mutant ninja turtles (can you believe that they are back?). i made a turtle cake, made headware out of colored fabric (like the turtles have) and we had pizza to eat. the kids got swords and there was a pinata which the kids loved (could it be b/c it was filled with candy?) . the dining room table was covered with teenage mutant ninja turtle coloring pages and crayons and the kids colored while they ate.

mikey really lucked out and got a lot of great presents. mommy and daddy requested that guests gave mikey clothes due to the overload of toys in his room. everyone was really generous and he got a lot of great outfits for school.

i am so glad that mikey (and all the guests) had a lot of fun, but i am glad it is the day after (all the other mommy's out there know exactly what i am talking about ;)

mikey's actual bday is not until tuesday and we have a few lil surprises for him that day too!

Thursday, August 26, 2004


well after about 4 nights of only getting 5-6 hours of sleep (yes, i know that this is a lot for some people, just not me), i am behind exhausted. i am starting to feel that sick feeling in my back and chest. this is not a good time to be getting sick. this is part of the reason why i am blogging at work and not at home. i prolly won't even sign on tonight. i need to work on getting the china back in the china cabinet and the dining room clean, but this may end up being a job for mike. all i want to do is get my pillow and hit the couch. i mean there is no possible way that i can be sick. mikey's bday party is in two days and if you read the other posts, i have entirely too much to do. so my lil game plan is to rest tonight and make sure i drink plenty of o.j. and just rest and that tomorrow i will be a new woman (i better be!)


Wednesday, August 25, 2004


only me would tackle so many projects in such a small time frame. little did i know when i decided to paint the dining room and redo the guest bathroom 6 days before mikey's bday party, that there would be so many problems and setbacks. but we are almost done. i just need to put the wall protector thing along the bottom of the bathroom walls, hang up pics, the new light, and accessorize. right now mike is putting up yet another friggin' coat of paint and yes, in a slightly different color than the second one (which was a slightly different color than the first. which followed a coat of primer). i know i am happy with the warm color and it is going to look so good with the framed french chefs i have.

then after i finally get those tasks complete, it is on to the finishing details of mikey's bday party. thank goodness i decided to take a half a day off on friday and luckily i have everything else bought.

oh, and lemme fill ya in on my latest *adventure*. about two weeks ago, while mike was redoing the kitchen floor, a piece of glass must have stirred up from the time that i put a pyrex bowl on the stovetop not thinking and it exploded all over the place (someone must have been watching us that day, b/c me and mikey were in my bathroom and mike and bella were in bella's room changing diapers). so i stepped on this piece of glass and my foot started to bleed. once the bleeding stopped, i had mike get the glass out. so i figure he gets it out, however, i am still walking around with a limp. after a couple of days, i feel fine. a couple of days later, i don't feel fine. i ask mike about it and he takes a look. he says that he doesn't see anything there, but he is concerned about the brown spot on the bottom of my foot. i tell him that is where the glass is, he says that is not where he pulled something from my foot the other day . so he starts to tell me that i need to go to urgicare (clinic) and i refuse. i figure if people can walk around with bullets in them with no problems, i should be able to survive a small shiver of glass. so anyway, yesterday afternoon it starts to hurt really, really bad. the area on the bottom of my foot is red, and it is raised. i can feel something in there. finally mike convinces me to go to urgicare. so i am already annoyed that i have to miss some work (can you believe it, it is only b/c i had a ton to do on my lunch break). i get down there, have to get a tetnes (sp?) shot and three xrays only to be told that there is nothing in my foot and it is just infected. so now i am really annoyed. so i have to soak my foot in warm water three times a day (yeah right...i guess i am supposed to do some kind of gymnastic move to get my foot in the bathroom sink at work) and take an antibiotic. ugh!

what a day. if you have made it this far ((((((hugs))))))

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


okay, it's official, i am obsessed with shoe shopping. no questions about it. i even posted a whole thread on glitter (will post link to thread in the a.m. when i am lil more coherent) about it. glad to see though that i am not the only one. i bought two pairs of shoes at lunch. i don't feel too too bad about it considering that i only paid $13 total for both pair and they are too cute also (again, pics at a later time...to be honest, since i have neglected my blog so, i have forgotten how to post pics and lincs, and since it is almost 11 pm and well past my bedtime, there certainly is no time to look into it now). i am purely exhausted. tonight i did some touchup painting, took off the old tile and replaced with new tile on the backdrop of the sink, pulled the carpet, and primed the floor underneath in preparation for new tiles in the guest bathroom. i did it *almost* all by myself. i only needed michael's help to pull the carpet behind the toilet. i couldn't get it. but tomorrow i am going to attempt to put the vinyl tile down all by myself. the good thing about it, is it self-adhesive, so that is going to help big time. the bathroom is going to look so damn good when i am done. i am also going to print out photos of the kids in the tub in black and white and hang them on the bathroom walls in black frames. okay, why the hell can i not hit enter to start a new paragraph? what in God's name is going on with this...ugh! today mikey went on his first fieldtrip. he had so much fun he said. he visited his "great friends" (senior citizen home). i am glad his daycare does that. it is so nice. i always said when he was a baby, i would do that b/c i know they would get a kick outta him. but i never did. i never found the time. what a bunch of horseshit. the real answer is that i wouldn't get my butt off the couch and turn off whatever reality tv show i was watching at the time. you know while i have been in the bathroom sweating my ass off, i have realized that it is nice to come home and do something that i normally don't do (i.e. watch tv) and even though i am exhausted when i am thru, i am not going to bed before 9pm. okay, i saw the commercial again for the one click sharpies. why is it that office supplies turn me on so? i have *got* to get some of those sharpies. i already have quite the sharpie collection at home and at work. i felt that i needed shapies in all different colors from sam's. okay, i think today's entry is pure ramble ('member i am exhausted from manual labor) and now that i think about, i only wrote a few sentences about shoes, didn't even touch on the subject of handbags and then went into a ramble. for that i apologize :)

Monday, August 23, 2004


...saying i wasn't going to neglect you blog. well, to kind of make up for it, lemme give ya some reasons as to why i have not be in 'my own lil space'.

mikey's bday is coming up. i cannot believe that my lil bug-a-boo is going to be five years old!!!! he is going to have a teenage mutant ninja turtle party this saturday (okay, is there anyone besides myself who cannot believe that they are back?) i have been busy making sure that all the goodies for the goody bags are bought. this includes: a bubble sword, teenage mutant ninja turtle playing cards, play doh, a piece of fabric to wear around their forehead like the tmnt's do, & some candy. i got a shrek pinata which i intend to take the shrek face off and put the covers of a tmnt notebook i got at wally world on it.
mikey also started pre-k on the 9th. he was so excited to go. i was extremely sad to see him. he took that first step to becoming his own lil man . once i dropped him, i started to tear up. he didn't even turn around to see me go out the door. he was that excited. he is having a blast there. i am so excited that i got him in. they do so many activities with him and he gets to go into the "room where Jesus and God are" (church). tomorrow he is going on a field trip to visit his "grand friends" (senior citizens).

isabella is quite the hoot. and quite the lil drama queen to boot! she is walking around like crazy. hell, who am i kiddin', she is practicly running! the current words for her vocabular are doggy, -ikey, daddy, momma, woof, meeeeow, -acker (cracker), ni-ni (night night=go to bed). and when my baby girl wants something, damn it she lets ya know. now i am not going to complain too much b/c i want my girl to be strong ;) just like her momma

michael has become quite obsessed with his new hobby. cigar smoking. lemme go on and tell ya, if two months ago you told me that he was going to be smoking cigars, i would have told ya that you got the wrong michael. my hubby is totally against that. he made me quit smoking, he can't stand the smell. i guess it just took one trip to milwaukee and one evening at festa italia to become a changed man. he now has made his own makeshift humidor. he controls the humity in them, makes sure that they are well taken care. he has spent a lot of mooo-la on those cancer sticks. he gets on the computer more than i do to check message boards and become friends with people he has never met (this of course does not mean that i will be giving up my reign as "message board queen". or even alloying him to be king for that matter ;) but do i really mind that he has a new hobby? hell no! not to mention, who the hell am i to say anything? i have too many hobbys.

and speaking of me ;) i have been busy getting ready for mikey's bday party and trying to keep up with housework, my craftin, and i decided that this past weekend i would paint our dining room and redo our guest bathroom. and since i know you are thinking it, yes, i decided to do this 6 days before we are going to have company. but i know once it is done, i will be so happy. i will post pictures with my finished product. unfortunately, i didn't take pictures in advance :( but it will still look good.

i have crafted some game related frames that i absolutely *LOVE*. it got me thinking though...could i create a whole line of stuff that was made from board games and playing cards? are there are other nuts out there who's hearts begin to pitter patter at top speed when they see dice or a monopoly game? is there anyone else who currently owns 5 clue games (3 being board, 1 electronic, & 1 you can play on the tv), 3 monopoly games, & 2 games of life to use for various crafts? hmmmmm......could there be?

note: pics to be posted once i get home

Sunday, August 01, 2004


oh how i have neglected you, my poor blog. hopefully within the week, i will have everything nicely updated. of course by now we are back from our milwaukee trip. i will post pictures later along with pictures from my latest recipes and craftiness. it is now august! absolutely unbelievable. i have to start planning mikey's bday party. he wants teenage mutant ninja turtles. i can't believe he loves that movie so much. esp. since it came out when i was a kid. but i have all sorts of ideas for what i am going to do. i need to start making the invitations this week also. again, i apologize dear blog for ignoring you. i promise to be better :)