Friday, June 29, 2007


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my new favorite outfit...skirt, shoes, and bangle thrifted :)

a thrifty maniac that is.
i have been hitting the stores like crazy looking for goodies for the house. and since one of our stores is closing, they are selling stuff for uber cheap.

so here are a few of the goodies that i have gotten lately that i am completely in love with :)

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Monday, June 25, 2007


one of my favorite bloggin' buddies in the whole wide world is mary ann. anyone that knows her knows that she is the most generous and loving gal.
i only wish that we lived closer so we could thrift and craft together.
damn i love this girl.

well she musta sensed that i was going to have a really shitty day today b/c when i got home, i came home to this

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the perfect lil pkg. to brighten up a girl's day.

love ya girlie girl!

you have no idea what this did for my day. seriously! i needed the love.

oh and on a side note, look at what i found in a bag of frozen ore ida waffle fries.

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you see that?
that lil ball there?

its a friggin' potato!
a whole potato!
its about the size of a red potato.
i couldn't believe it. so needless to say, i'll be contacting them and letting them know my find. could get a free coupon for it. and before you start laughing your ass outta your chair greta, you'll be laughing when i'm eating something aside for ramen noodles for one night...bwahahahahahaa! maybe if you're lucky, i'll invite you over that night ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2007


well i didn't think that i was going to have a chance to complete this week's one little word challenge, but i had the mojo at about 9:15 p.m. (plus it helps that michael is out working a murder case. you can see the video here {michael is the one towards the middle in the doorway with the navy shirt and khaki pants on the phone} and read about it here. what really sucks is a lot of us knew this woman b/c we went into the store so much. she was so nice and soooo friendly. it really is ashame).

so i decided to just sit down and do it.

well, here it is.
a layout devoted to just a small amount of my pet peeves ;)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


noel came up with this new site where she is going to put out a challenge based on the different parts of english.

completely brilliant!

the first challenge was to do a lo using a pronoun. oh how i have been stressing over this challenge since it was

well i finally got it done. nothing like waiting until the last minute to get it done eh?

the picture of me looks bad b/c it is actually a picture of me printed out on a transparency sheet, so you can see my shadow a lil bit in the oops! maybe tomorrow i'll retake the photo.

now i only have 3 more to do ;)

happy hump day everyone!

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Monday, June 18, 2007


so we're back from our lil mini vacation which was a complete blast.

i could sooo move to where my father in law now resides. its unfortunate though that michael wouldn't make jack shit.

but anyway, i have a ton of things to do, so for now, i'll just leave you with a list of those things (b/c i do love lists. there is nothing more satisfying then striking thru something that you have done and completed!).

*package up and mail goodies to the winners of the fritzy contest
*finally getting around to mailmail jenn her tikis (i'm sooo sorry girl!).
*package up and mail some goodies to some bloggin' buddies.
*stop by cvs to pick up my giftcard from transferring over a rx last week.
*go thru ads and coupons for cvs
*do lo for this challenge for noel's new challenge site.
*do lo for one little word challenge.
*catch up on blogs
*clean up scrappy area (dear lord)
*take pics of vintage goodies i found on trip
*take pics of all the wonderful mail love i've gotten lately (sorry gals i'm behind on this).
*update the blog with some more exciting than this list
*start packing since we could be moving into the new house very, very soon (yippeee!)
*buy bella a bed
*buy mikey his bedding
*buy bathroom schtuff for three bathrooms
*find a table for the kids' play room at the thrift store or a garage sale
*finding chairs for the front porch
*start thinking about what i am going to do for landscaping
*start checking out books on gardening
*figure out what i am going to use for a desk in the craft room
*how i am going to organize craft room
*if i am going to take the book shelf back from mom, it needs to be sanded and painted robins egg blue (?)
*go thru potential stuff for garage sale
*call mikey's coach to get his trophey
*call vet to schedule fritzy's first vet visit and his declaw visit
*pay daycare tomorrow morning

oh i guess that is about it for now ;)

have a happy tuesday!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


yesterday, i stopped the costume place down the street from work called josettes. i absolutely *love* this place. you can get anything you need to buy a costume, to make a costume, or to rent a costume. i could spend hours in there.

i stopped by to pick up some of that zodiac trim that i used on a recent lo for a buddy over at treasures to scrap.

what a big mistake.

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i left there with so much yumminess i can hardly stand myself.

i cannot wait to play with this.

oh and in case i don't get a chace to post again tonight, i'll see ya'll on monday. we are leaving tomorrow afternoon to visit michael's dad who just recently moved to mississippi (outside of memphis) from milwaukee and his sister and fam who is driving down from milwaukee to spend the weekend.

i am so excited i can hardly stand myself. they moved to a quaint lil town and i hope there is some time to explore a lil.

ya'll have a fab-boo weekend!!!

oh and speaking of treasures to scrap, i made layout of the day. whoooo hooooo. oh and for all my scrappers that read here, you should check that place out. seriously. it is the best. the women there are amazing. there is no cattiness, no cliques, no problems whatsoever :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


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oh isn't he just the cutest? i got to pick him up yesterday and i am in luuuuuhhhh-ove. i'm even using that nauseating baby-talk voice when i speak to him. he is just the best. and better behaved then i thought for a kitten who has just been fixed. i fell asleep last night with him on my chest and hated to leave him today.

okay, so i have two winners for the "who did i name him after" question.

and the winners are.....

mary ann and lisa the lovely.

congrats girlies!

yes, as pathatic as it sounds, i named him after fritz, the fbi agent on the closer. no i didn't name him that b/c i think the guy is hot or anything (which he is....the darn holster sniffer i am) but b/c while i was walking in the aisle at pet smart, i kept thinking that fritz was frisky and then the name fritz just popped in my mind. along with the image of brenda getting all those kittens and getting fritz to kitten-sit for her.

damn i love that show.

okay, well lisa, email me your addy and i'll get your goodies out the mail. mary ann of course i already have yours (and girl, i didn't know you liked the closer. we'll have to chat later....starts again next monday whooo-haaaa!)

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Monday, June 11, 2007


happy birthday to the love of my life.
hope you enjoy(ed) your day.

i love you more than candy.

don't forget to go here and me and fritz will pick a winner tomorrow!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


before anyone gets excited, no i'm not pregnant!

but i did adopt a kitten yesterday. i'm so excited about him. i've secretly wanted a kitten for about two years now, but i knew that michael wouldn't go for it. a couple of weekends ago, i went to pet smart where the humane society was selling kittens for $20. i had bella with me and we ooh'ed and ahhhh'ed over the kittens. i called michael and he wasn't going for it. i started to cry in pet smart.

me and bella left. we met michael and mikey later on and went back to pet smart. michael still wasn't going for it.

so yesterday we went back to pet smart and saw that they were selling the kittens for $10. now this includes their first vet visit, to be fixed, to have their shots, and to have the microchip installed (that way if they get lost, a vet or shelter can pull out the chip or whatever and find out that he belongs to us). there was one left in the cage that hadn't been adopted yet. he was orange with lil creamy white stripes and grey eyes. i was in love. i held him for the longest time and got michael to hold him. bella held him too. but before i could take him home, i had to call mom and make sure that it was okay to keep a cat at her house for a couple of weeks until we move into the house. i had finally gotten the okay from michael!!
i couldn't believe it (come to find out later that night, michael actually thought my mom would say no. he would then look like the good guy and i would be upset with my mom).

mom of course said it was okay and off i went (i practically ran) back to the woman to fill out the paperwork.

after that we went shopping for the lil booger. i had actually felt like i did when i first gave birth to mikey and we left to take him home. i had no idea what to do with a kitten. we had always been dog people (and come to find out, we'll be getting a dog soon too....that's michael :)

i won't get the lil guy until prolly tuesday. he has to go back to the shelter to be fixed. i can't wait to pick him up. it sucks that i don't have any pictures to show ya. he's about 8 weeks old and so stinkin' cute.

eeek i can't wait to get him!!!

fritz manna!!!

his name is fritz (aka fritzy).

and for the first one who can tell me which tv show who i named him after will get a lil rak from me and my fritzy. (mom and greta excluded b/c ya'll already know).

so come on foks and all you lurkers out there come on out too and give me your answer. i may even make this good. if these is too easy for all you tv junkies out there, i may give a rak to more than one person who gets this right.

hope ya'll had a great weekend. i know i did :)

Friday, June 08, 2007


well i've been on the manhunt for lover-ly thrifty goodies for the new house (which we are not in yet btw :(

so this past saturday, me and mom searched the paper for some garage sales and then hit the road.

boy did we score. normally when we go, we ended up leaving with empty hearts and an empty car. but not this time. and boy did we have a blast.

i haven't taken a picture of everything yet due to the fact that since last thursday night, one person in my family has been dealing with a stomach bug. first it was mikey and then sunday it was me and then monday morning it was michael. me and michael didn't even go to work on monday and tuesday.

okay anyway, back to the good stuff.

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this was at the first garage sale and its mom's. if you can't tell what it is, its a radio and i believe mom found some info on it from the net and its from the 30's. she got it for a mere $5!!!! she's going to put it in the hitchcock room (one of the spare bedrooms that is done up with alfred, black birds, movie posters, and an eerie feel ;) when she found this, we knew that it was going to be a good day. she looked in it and all the parts appear to be there.

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now this beauty (don't be jealous) was actually not mine at first. we stopped at a "yard sale" with different vendors at the jappa shrine. while we were leaving, we hit a booth and noticed a woman leaving with this and a very small one. i was friggin' pissed. i noticed on the small one it had a price tag of $1. a farkin' $1. so i carry on about how upset i am that i missed this b/c i was too busy making cracks with mom about some of the stuff that we saw (how's that for karma). so at this pointed i decided that all the finds that i had already got were shit and this day should just be called over. so we're walking behind the older woman who got the deals of the day and mom says "do you mind me asking how much you paid for the big one" and the lady responds "three dollars.". wtf?!?!?!?! $3???? for that huge thing. damn it would look good in my new craft room to store some paints or something.

so i think mom mentioned something about me being upset that i didn't get and the lady says "i'll give it to ya for $5". mom said "SOLD!!". she whips out the five bucks and we put in the car. i was so happy. so the lady, who was in a state of disbelief that we actually would pay more for it then she did explained that she was just buying it for her daughter who was a teacher. she walked back to her car, put the small one in there, and then walked back to do some more shopping.

whatta score! can't wait to fill it up with goodies.

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i got 6 of these cute lil glasses in a carrying basket for $2. i thought they would be perfect for lil tea parties with my bella boo. i got this at a church sale where i also bought about four boxes of fabric (dear lord, like i need more fabric). i haven't shot pics of those yet, but i will hopefully soon.

speaking of fabric.
'member when i mentioned in the last post that i was hoping to get some vintage fabric for free???

well after a big ol rig-a-ma-role and getting lost in the woods at 9 pm it was well worth it.

take a look.

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isn't it beautiful??? oh i can't believe that i got all of this for free. and there is ohhhh sooo much of it too!!

so anyway, that is pretty much what is going on here aside from all the scrapping i have been doing. like i have any business scrappin when i need to start scrapping.

oh and lemme ask.

is there something going on with the moons or something b/c i keep having the wierdest dreams that completely effect me the next day. and i mean all day. i can't stop thinking about the one that i had last night. it seemed so real. the feelings that were there were so real. and no it wasn't *that* kinda dream, but...oh i don't know. just thought i would ask.