Tuesday, July 25, 2006


that's right folks.

i decided to make the move to typepad.

so update your bloglines and your links.

you can find me here now.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006


alright everyone....tomorrow i'm off for cha so this is the last post till i get back. i'll have ton of pictures and ton of catching up to do i know.

i also will be posting pics of the awesome pkg. that kim sent me for the apron swap. if you simply can't wait until then, she's posted pics on her blog. this apron was friggin' amazing. the stitchwork...holy cow!

okay everyone, pray to the ear gods that my ear clears up before i step foot on that plane and that me and greta don't get into too much trouble while we're gone ;)


Monday, July 17, 2006


while at chili's tonight for dinner (which is a complete treat btw....well it is for the family, i'm there with greta or the major about once a week) mikey was playing his gameboy and bella was coloring while we waited for our food.

a conversation started between big mike and her over what she was doing.

bella said something about her coloring that i missed.

and mike said : well excuse you (in a sing songing smarty voice)

and bella yelled: i didn't fart!!!

damn i shoulda wrote it down while we were there.

greta, where is that pocket protector and pen i keep saying i'm going to carry around on me????

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


when i took the kiddos to the dentist a few weeks ago for their 6 mos. appt., we found out that mikey had to have a few teeth pulled.

i about cried. my poor baby got my farked up mouth of teeth.

when i was his age, i had six teeth pulled at the same time. one of those teeth (the front one) never came down b/c it was in my gums sideways instead of straight up and down. so when i was about in the fourth grade, i had braces placed on my teeth. i then had oral surgery to have a bracket placed on the tooth still in the gum and a chain (just like a necklace chain) was connected to the bracket on the tooth and the wire on my braces. everytime i went to the orthodonist, then snipped the chain, grabbed the pliers, and got to town yankin' on that damn tooth to get it to turn around and come down straight.

to this day, i still get teary-eyed and white knuckled when i go to the dentist.

mikey didn't seem to scared or worried. he was more worried about how much the tooth fairy is going to leave him.

he was back for a few minutes and then popped out full of gauze and with his three teeth (two of the teeth were like fused together). i about threw up when i saw the teeth. i can't believe how long they were.

so mikey has spent his day playing on the computer all day and eating icecream for meals. he's already to go to bed and wake in the morning to check out his loot.

check out the new grin.

and the nasty teeth...ewwww!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


nothing like waiting until the last minute to work on a swap package. this of course is nothing against the swap itself, just that i've been a busy gal.

so i had another love/hate relationship with my sewing machine but luckily it ended in love. damien rice and dave matthews were who got me thru the whole thing.

but i have to say that i love the way the apron turned out.

i also altered a lil chunky notebook to go with. of course there are other goodies, but i haven't taken a picture of the whole sha-bang yet.

if you haven't noticed, the package has a whole polka-dot theme going on (you know me, i love a theme :)

tomorrow i'll post some more exciting things.

hope ya'll had a great weekend.

and for those going to cha....only 11 more days.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

HAPPY (BELATED) 4TH!!! picture heavy

hope everyone had a wonderful 4th filled with grilled meat, mayo-laden salads, plenty of red, white, and blue snacks, and fireworks.

we had a day filled with the above (minus the mayo-laden salads) but a few games of scattagories and texas hold em in its place. we went over to mom's and spent the afternoon there and then let the kiddos do sparklers once it was dark.

we had fun but hated to have to come home and go to bed so we could go to work/school the next day (blech).

before we arrived at mom's though, we decided to stop by the new house to let the kiddos get out and look around.

of course i got some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

front of house


bella in her room

mikey in his room

french doors

my closet....look at all that space.

the craft room.

me in my craft room

cathedral ceiling in living room.

front porch

hope ya'll are having a good week. i haven't been able to cruise around many blogs, but i hope to do some catching up tomorrow :)


Saturday, July 01, 2006


ya know, i spent about an hour and a half last night working on what i think is the worst lo i have ever done. know that i'm not posting this on here for pity and comments that let me know that it's okay.

i'm posting it as a reminder of the way that *i* scrap. i spent a good part of yesterday surfin' around scrappin' blogs, message boards, and the famous scrappers bloggers.

the "in" things seems to be cluttered pages. now i don't mean that as something bad b/c i love the look. its pages with a lot of embellishments on them and i think they look fab.

i however, can not accomplish this. the only way i would be able to accomplish this look is if i totally scraplift someone 100% (and i am so not into scraplifting at all really. then i can't claim the creativity as my own thats all).

so after i did all my surfin around, i sketched some lo ideas and thought that i was going to go home last tonight and get to scrappin'. i would have lo's completed in minutes (not hours) and i was going to have a great start to my "all about me" album.

shit, was i wrong. this lo is not even one of the sketches that i did. i was a photo i wanted to use b/c i love it so much. i love the flash mark on my face. i love how you can still see my eyes and eyelashes. i love the ghosty look to the whole shot. heck, i love it so much, its my avatar for crying out loud.

okay, so i had the photo and looking at the photo i knew that i wanted to do a black and white lo. i also wanted to use some heidi swapp rub ons i had.

i thought it was going to be a breeze.


like i said, and hour and a half later, i felt like all i accomplished was a waste of supplies.

i did however learn a lesson. i am a simple scrapbooker. i will always be a simple scrapbooker. my lo colors will always match. i will always want clean lines. there will always be a good embellishment/paper space ratio.

i just have to accept that is my style and that i can continue to admire those styles that are different.

okay, so here is what all the fuss is about. keep in mind that the shot is a lil dark. the paper (aside from the inking on the sides) is stark white.