Tuesday, February 28, 2006


well today is mardi gras folks!!! and b/c mardi gras is such a big deal down here, we are off of work (well i'm off of work. all police officers have to work on mardi gras day so mike is there fingerprinting an assload of prisoners i am sure. but hey, at least he gets to stay at the station, he could be on the parade route..yuck!).

anyway, my mardi gras has been spent doing laundry, baking cupcakes, getting dinner started for tomorrow and thursday night, cleaning out my closet (getting rid of all those "too big" clothes...whooo-haaaa!), and yelling at my kiddos :)

yesterday i left work early to go to mikey's mardi gras parade. my mom met me at my house and then we headed to the school. the kids were so cute. they were all grouped by class and walked around the parking lot parade fashion while the local middle school marching band played some good ol mardi gras music.

i leave you with this:

the parade's about to start.

mardi gras cupcakes...yum!!! notice the "fancy" swirl with icing. i knew those tips i bought myself would be used in no time :)

Sunday, February 26, 2006


thats right folks, 28 years ago today i was born. (almost exactly this minute too...5:25 eastern time).

i've had a glorious yet busy birthday weekend.

friday, a group of us from work (and greta) went to a great pizza place for lunch. i then left work early and me and greta did a lil shopping. went and picked up the kiddos and headed back to greta's for dinner and a lil veronica mars.

saturday, mike got mikey registered for tball and then we dropped the kiddos off at my mom's and me and mike did a lil lunch and some shopping. despite the horrific rain, we had fun. we went to the antique store, lunch at bayview gourmet where i had an excellent shrimp remoloude (sp?) salad, the whole foods store where the cashier is the art teacher who bought this from me and whom i purchased a ton of yummy stuff (including some lavendar which will make its way into some cupcakes in the next upcoming days), we went to a coffee shop for coffee and cake, michael's, sams, hobby lobby and then we headed back to mom's to pick up her and the kiddos and head to the blow fly inn where i had yummy stuffed crab shells. we then went to mom's for presents and cake.

today, i kinda got up in a mood. a really shitty mood to be exact and i'm not sure why. mike made his ubber-delicious pancakes and sausage (veggie sausage for me) for breakfast. and then i guess due to the mood, i've spent all day on the couch watching trash tv. mike and the kiddos gave me some wonderful goodies.

i've had some wonderful birthday phone call wishes from:

*my mom
*my friend michele
*my boss
*my buddy tom from work

i've also received a wonderful email from my cousin amy and a cute ecard from jennifer and my mom.

its been a great birthday weekend. here's the booty (this also includes the stuff that i bought myself on saturday...happy birthday to me):

from mike's dad:
* a bday card with some moo-la

from mikey's grandparents:
*a bday card with moo-la

from mom:

*great vintage "time life books" italian cookbook from 1968
*roseanne season 2 on dvd
*a candle that smells like birthday cake (not pictured)
*scrapbook stickers
*dinner of course

from greta:

*a basket filled with all sorts of yummy bath products from victoria secrets

from the kiddos:

*murder she wrote season 2 on dvd
*carmella soprano cookbook and entertaining book

from the hubbers:

*murder she wrote season 3 on dvd (not yet released)
*"potty training in one week"
*the dr. mcdreamy shirt

from myself:

*a buncha cupcake decorating accessories: some cupcake papers, icing tips and bags
*a yummy dark chocolate, cherry, almond candy bar (whole foods place)
*lavendar flowers (whole foods place)
*sandlewood bar of soap (whole foods place)
*cherry pie larabars (whole foods place)
*crystalized ginger (soon to makes its way into some cookies or cupcakes)
*black and white cookie (from coffee place)
*pottery barn decorating book (love, love, love this book...from sams)

great stuff huh?

tomorrow i go to work. i'll have to break it to the boss that i need to leave around lunch for the day. mikey has a mardi gras parade. then on tuesday i am off of work (poor mike has to work with everyone else on the department for a 12 hour shift). i intend on spending the day finishing up picking up the goodies for my vintage shop, making some cupcakes, maybe some beignets, and spending the day with the kiddos.

the rest of the week, who knows. i'm am going to try to be better about bloggin'. i've been so outta it this week as far as bloggin' goes. i don't know whats with me. i've also been bad about reading and leaving comments. this week should be better though.

hope ya'll had a great weekend!


Tuesday, February 21, 2006


disclaimer: if you are not interested in hearing about my trip to the obgyn and the exciting period i have had this month, please, exit now.

for your own good!

on to the story. i really had a hard time trying to decide if whether or not i would post such a pleasant story next to the cookies, but what the hell. everyone is entitled to good laugh, esp. at my expense.


*got period at 16.

*its been fucked up ever since.

*been on i don't know how many types of birth control pills.

*freak out every time something is different and wonder freakishly if i have some rare disease or if i have cancer.

*probably have "special" notes in my file about what kind of patient i am.

*waste moo-la on appointments that i really don't need to go to.

*on current pill that i am on i start on tuesday, only have the period from about 6 am to 5 pm and then i'm good till the next morning. usually only lasts for three-five days. hardly anything. glad to see ya, glad it was a short visit, now go away please type of deal.

okay, so anyway, this month i start a friggin' week early. AT WORK. we all know how much fun that is. crampin' like a mo-fo. heavier then normal. def. not 6 am-5pm deal. the only thing i wanna do is reach up there myself and pull my ovaries out. i mean seriously.

so now that i am on day 7 i decide to give my dr's. office a call. i mean there could be something "seriously" wrong with me. i've had my period for seven days for jiminy christmas. so i make the call and talk to the "pleasant" (said with utter sarcasm) girl that answers the phone. give her the run down and she proceeds to diagnose me and tell me that the doctor will prolly just tell me that its normal and to continue taking the pill. but someone will call me back. i get the phone call later that evening and the doctor wants to see me.

oh God! if she wants to see me, then it must be something bad. i lay in bed with mike and go over and over with him about what could be wrong with me. what if its endometriosis? what if thats not my cervix that i feel that is pushing my tampons in a completely different direction? (yes, i know what my cervix feels like. back in my trying to get pregnant days, i checked my cervix, took my temperature, checked my cervical fluid. all that fun stuff. i became pretty good friends with my hoo-hoo. more so then i already was ;)

so this a.m. i got up and tried to get in the shower early. i mean i had obgyn appt. prep to do. i need to shave my legs, i need to take care of other regions with the razor. i then needed to make sure that i packed an extra pair of socks to put on. the shoes i was going to be wearing made my feet sweat, and ya'll don't even want to know what thats like.

so 1:30 arrives and its time for my appt. a lil nervous due to thinking about what could be wrong with me and do they really have my file flagged as a major hypercondiac?

so they call me back. i explain to the nurse the deal and she leaves me to undress from the waste down and wait for my doctor. as soon as the door is shut, i make the mad dash to get undress. i mean i have to hurry before she walks back in. not to mention i have to change my socks and God only knows what will go in my file if they see me changing my socks.

so there i am, neked from the waste down, trying to unfold the sheets. what's that? holy crap, my undies are hanging off the chair outta my pants. can't have my doctor seeing the undies, so i hop down, shake my pants out b/c one leg is inside out from my mad dash to get those socks off, stuff my undies inside my pants and half ass fold them and get my ass back on the table.

oh wait. i have a tampon in. do i take it out? what if she takes too long and i'm sitting on butcher paper with no tampon in? should i ask? that's what i'll do, i'll open the door half ass neked and ask. crack open the door and look down the hallway, no one is there. oh God, what do i do? so i leave it in.

in comes the doctor. we exchange our hello's and do the whole how are the kids thing. then she wants to know whats going on. i explain the whole thing prolly sounding like a complete nut. i go into the fact that i'm worried b/c i have problems getting pregnant which i get i confused look as a response. you have trouble getting pregnant? i don't remember that she says. oh yeah, it took me 6 mos. to get pregnant with bella. oh my dear, in doctor terms, we don't consider "having trouble getting pregnant" until after a year or so of trying. damn, another mark in my file. so we continue to chit chat, including letting her know that i have a tampon in. oh thats okay she says, you can take it out in a minute.

i can take it out? how the hell am i going to do that? so she tells me to take it out (seriously, i can't believe i'm even typing this for total strangers to read) and i stand on that lil step from the floor to the table looking at my hoo-hoo thinking, how do i do this in front of someone? so then i have to clear my throat a lil and ask her if she can hand me a paper towel. oh someone, please kill me now.

so anyway, get the exam, everything's all good. nothing to worry about. that is except feeling like a total fool. so she leaves and i have to make another mad dash of not only getting dressed and changing my socks again, i have to now put a tampon in. never done that standing up before.

i walk down to the payment desk just knowing the smugness that "pleasant" receptionist had knowing that she was right, paid my bill, and hit the road.

the saddest part is i called greta to inform her that there is nothing wrong with me. i mean with almost a bit of disappointment. how crazy is that? i mean if even the tiniest thing was wrong with me then that would justify my need to be seen right?

shit, i am a wackadoo.

sorry if this post grossed anyone out, but hey, i warned ya. not to mention i need something to reference to if next month's period is not "normal".


okay, so the past couple of days, all i've wanted to do is bake. bake like mad i tell ya. i've also been into all the food blogs out there (esp. the cupcake, sweets, and dessert blogs...yum!).

now some of you may be thinking "hey, i thought she was trying to lose weight?". well, i am. i bake for therapy (i know i've mentioned it before). now don't get me wrong, since i am my own worse critic, i do have to try a lil piece before anyone else can. if i don't think its delish, no one gets to eat it.

so anyway, i picked up these bags of hershey chocolate chips at walmart the other day and have been dying to try them.

the bag of morsels

they are so elegant looking. they have a lil dark chocolate swirl on top and a pretty pink raspberry center.

cookies in the making.

in the oven they go. i'm glad that i decided to go with a nice big sized cookie.

cookies cooling. they look delish. hope the guys at work scarf em down like they did the cupcakes.

Monday, February 20, 2006


this is how i spent some of my monday evening!

happy bday all my pisces bloggin' friends!

mini shamrock cupcakes.

mini hershey kiss cupcake (white frosting)

mini hershey kiss cupcake (chocolate frosting)

mini macadamia nut cupcake.

edited to add how excited i am to see that one of the cupcakes that i cooked up made its way onto cupcakes take the cake. whoooo hooo!!


whewww....i got all the swapees their information. just to make sure that everyone is on the same page, here's the deal:

*the person you have is different then the one who has you (see below).

*you have till march 1st to get your package in the mail.

*i'm not going to set a price limit. we have a great buncha girls in this swap and i think everyone is going to get a wonderful array of goodies.

*here's the order of the swappees...please visit each other's blogs and get to know one another.

becky sends to
vicci who sends to
amy who sends to
elizabeth (aka me) who sends to
jessica who sends to
deb who sends to
shanna who sends to
anna-maria who sends to
chrissie who sends to
barb who sends to
amanda who sends to becky up at the top.

if you haven't received your swapees information, please send me and email and let me know.

okay vixens, happy thriftin'

Sunday, February 19, 2006


i really haven't posted anything of great significance since last week. boy do i have some catching up to do. i will try to make this as painless (and short) as possible.


mikey & his teacher during the presentation

mikey had a ceremony at school to celebrate the 100th day of school. the kids had to create a project on a poster board with 100 items. we chose puzzle pieces. each child got to talk a lil bit about their project. mikey was pretty shy (takes after his mother). afterwards, they got on stage, did a lil reading, singing, and dancing for us. after that we headed back to their classroom and had pizza and all sorts of yummies. we decided to check mikey outta school for the rest of the day (against my better judgement) and did a few errands.


on sunday we headed to mom's for dinner and to visit with my cousin amy. wanna know whats so friggin' special about amy? she was put up for adoption by one of my aunts after she was born (my mom was a young and didn't even know that her older sister was pregnant). my mom didn't find out about amy until a couple of years ago. my mom spent a lot of time looking for her and finally she found her. my mom found out that amy too was interested in meeting someone from her birth mother's family and the two talked on the phone. her and my mom have been close ever since. amy came and visited us two summer's ago for the first time and she is friggin' awesome. i was excited about getting to see her again. i wish that she lived closer so we could hang out some more (she's in ohio).

amy, if you're reading...smooches!


ahh...valentine's day. i *love* valentine's day. guess i'm just a big ol sap who loves love. anywho, mike sent me the most beautiful flowers at work. i then got home and was spoiled senseless with some games and the two bridgette jone's movies. i thought it was my bday. as usual he out did himself. luv ya babe!


my gifty package arrived from megan! it was filled with all sorts of fabulous goodies. can't wait to use the stickers and cook something from the cookbook.

i also got these fabulous goodies in the mail. needless to say, i had a major make out session with dr. mcdreamy (hopefully i didn't drool on the dvd case in the process). the post secret book is so good. i've already looked at all the postcards. i think a lot of them are heartbreaking. i mean i know we all have our secrets, but some people's...wow!


greta and her family came over. we had dinner (grilled turkey burgers, french fries, and salad) and watched veronica mars. the kids had a blast playing with each other and running amock. can't wait for the next disk to come in the mail so me and greta can get caught up and sit around and wait for season 2 to come out on dvd.


then there's today. oh what i day i had today. me and mikey did a major overhaul of his bedroom. how can a six year old accumulate so much shit and never wanna throw anything away? well i guess he takes after his parents so i shouldn't blame him. but i do. i mean why can't he play with something and then put it away when he's done?? anywho, 3 bags of garbage and 2 bags of donated stuff later, his room is clean. not finished quite yet, but clean. believe you me, he's not taking half of that shit with him to the new house.

greta came up with a good idea the other day at lunch. she is going to have her friend's and family members give her kiddos money instead of toys, etc. for bdays, christmas, etc. that can go in her kiddos' college funds. she is going to use that program (forgot the name of it) where you can pay for your child's college today with today's prices.

i think this is a fabulous idea, and i am going to be passing the word on to our family and friends who ask what the kids want.

anyway, so that has been my past week. of course this is minus all the laundry, pto meetings, bill paying, craft supply organization, trips to the post office, trips to walmart, etc.

been a busy, busy week. what am i talking about...been a busy, busy month!

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. i do plan on posting more this week then i did the past. that's for sure.


first, i've updated my links. not all of them of course. who has the time to list every link they have in their bloglines?? certainly not me, but here is a start of all the blogs that i visit on a regular/semi-regular basis. i have more to do, but not the time.

secondly, if anyone can tell me what movie my title came from, i'll send ya happy.

again, the line is "take a right, check it out".

clue: the person saying it (and the group he is in) are on motor bikes. what they are "checking out" is down on the beach.

we have a winner folks! jennifer was right. a lil happy will make its way to your house shortly. now i have to know, are you just a huge karate kid fan or did you do some research on it.

"johnny, take a right, check it out".

Thursday, February 16, 2006


okay vixens, i just emailed ya'll the questionaire (except for vicci, i don't have your email addy).

here's the vixens:

and of course myself!

for all you other readers, i promise that tomorrows post will be more exciting. i've got a lot of mail goodies to post and i'll give ya a hint about one (mcdreamy)!!!


for those participating in the swap, i know i said that i would have the questionaires emailed to you yesterday, but i had a bit of a family emergency last night and was unable to get those out.

i do promise that it will be emailed to you this evening.

hugs :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


i participated again in allison's 2nd annual scarf swap.

i like the way my squares turned out, i just wish that i had a local yarn store (i am assuming that mine is washed away) to get some cool, fancy yarn.

i did remember this time to put a tag on it to let people know where it came from...last time i forgot that and forgot the prepaid envy.

hope everyone got to spend lots of time with the one's they love today :)



good morning,

wanted to let everyone know i added some new items to the shop over the weekend :)


a valentine's day cookie for each of you!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006


writing says:"baby when i think about you, i think about love. darlin' if i live without you i live without love-bad company"

writing says:"have i told you lately that i love you. have i told you there's no one else above you-rod stewart". now i can't stand rod stewart, but i have been singing these two verses to the kids since mikey was born and then bella since she was born. when mikey was little, he used to tell me "again" when i was done singing. we would do that for like ten minutes. i'm really thinking of creating an album where the pages are all inspired by song lyrics that i like. figured that may be a good way to use up every day pictures.

the writing on the side is the definition of "kiss" in different font styles. i really like how this page turned out.

notice how i am in every picture? i didn't even realize it until i put them all together. but thats okay b/c most of these pages are for my "about me" album and they have inspired more ideas.

i'll be back later with tidbits from my four day weekend :)

Saturday, February 11, 2006


okay, seriously, i need this shirt. i must own this shirt.

michael, are you reading love??? (if not, i emailed ya the link for safe measure ;).

Thursday, February 09, 2006


don't forget to shoot me and email and sign up for the vintage vixen swap. click the button to get all the info .

so far, these are the vixens i have signed up:


and myself.

c'mon all you thrifty-vintage-vixens out there. sign ups until feb. 14th.

i've also made a button on my sidebar for all of ya'll to steal if you'd like :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


"two halves become one whole"

so for whatever reason, while i was cleaning up the kitchen this evening, i decided that i wanted to scrap something. i was already thinking about doing a layout with this picture on my way to work this a.m. so i set to work.

i couldn't decide on the color scheme at first, but i am so happy with what i came up with.

the only problem is all the white is pigment instead of dye. it is having a hard time drying. i just hope that its done overnight.

now should i do another one?



who loves to have a good time?

who loves going to the thrift stores and finding treasures?

who loves receiving the most perfect vintage goodie?


well then you are in luck!

i'm hosting my first ever swap.

a vintage-thrift-store-goodie-swap.

here's the deal. email me your name, email addy, and blog address (you must have a blog to participate) by the 14th of february. i will send all interested thrifters a questionaire by the 16th for you guys to fill out and return back to me. i will then play thrifty-matchmaker and set everyone up with a partner. i will then email you your partner's information on the 18th and you have until the 28th of feb. to mail your thrifty goddess her goodies.

the rules are:

*again, you must have a blog to participate (this really helps your partner to get to know you better).

*items must come from a thrift store, antique store, garage sale, or could be a vintage/thrift item that you have on hand already.

*items can be bought or crafted by you.

*you must have fun.

if you have any questions, please send me an email.

i really hope some of you nifty-thrifty girlies out there wanna play :)


Four years ago today, I had a miscarriage. This was the second to hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life.

Michael & I tried for a long time to get pregnant. I had come off the pill around june the year before and it was just a complete struggle. I got my period every two weeks for three months, then didn’t get it for two months, so on and so on. And then finally, in December, I found out we were pregnant. We were ecstatic.

I began to show early which was a struggle for me b/c I constantly worried about what people were thinking “shh…she’s only 2 mos. pregnant and already in maternity clothes….dear god”.

I was around 11 weeks pregnant, fastly approaching that 12 week mark. Excited b/c our next dr. appt. was around the corner and we were going to get to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Then I had a bad dream. I dreamt that I was sitting on the toilet and looked down and there was blood everywhere and you could tell that I had lost the baby. I was screaming for my mom and told her to look in the toilet.

This dream completely freaked me out. Everyone told me not to worry about it. Its just a dream. But to me it didn’t feel that way.

Two days later it happened.

I woke up and felt wet down there. I don’t think I ever moved so fast before in my life. I looked at the sheets and there was blood. I started to say “oh my God” repeatedly and ran for the bathroom. I called mike to the bathroom and told him that I was bleeding. Heavily. He called my dr’s. office and they told me to head to the hospital.

The whole way there, I prayed. I prayed to god that if he just let this all be okay I would do anything. I would go to church, I would quit cussing, I would be a better person, anything. My mom met us there where she took care of mikey while I went into the room. I looked like a mess. I felt outta my body. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

They took me back for an ultrasound. Both an external and an internal one. Mike wasn’t allowed to go back with me and I wasn’t allowed to see the screen. And of course, no one could tell me what was going on.

Once we were back in the room, we were waiting for the emergency room doctor to come and tell us the results. Even though the doors were heavy, I could hear him sigh deeply as he stood in front of the door. Once he came in, I asked him if that was him that sighed, he said “you heard that?”. I knew right then.

They wheeled me up to labor & delivery which was the last place that I wanted to be and had to go past the nursery to get to my room. They were going to perform a d&c so I had to be admitted, and wait for the doctor. My doctor is simply the best. she came and explained everything to us and gave us all her sympathy.

Then came the pain. I literally felt like I was in labor. I had to be drugged before I was even knocked out for the procedure.

Finally, it was all over. I just wanted to go home. I did well the first few hours. I think I was still in a great deal of shock. My husband was the best and so was my mom. I was doing so well at first that I told my mom I would go shopping with her the next day.
The next day rolled around and needless to say, I didn’t feel like doing anything but laying on the couch. I didn’t take phone calls, I didn’t really speak, no one could touch my stomach. It was bad. As the days went on though, I started to feel a lil bit better. If it wasn’t for Michael……

So now its four years later and occasionally I think about that child. what he or she would have been like, would it have been a boy or a girl, what would he or she look like. It’s a child that I will never forget but know that if I wouldn’t have lost him/her I wouldn’t have bella.

And without a doubt, that makes the hurt go away.

Sorry this is such a downer of a post, but I needed to do this.

edited to add: you guys are awesome. seriously. my heart swelled with each kind word that you guys sent. you def. helped make today more bearable. just knowing that there are friends out there just to listen to you makes my life all the more pleasant.

luv u all!

hugs :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


okay, so if you have read the post before this one, you could practically feel me jumping for joy as i typed about my new favorite place in the world and the wonderful things that i bought.

sorry for the crappy lighting. i did take them in my bathroom which has the best lighting in the house, but damn night time makes photoshoots a bitch!

a beautiful lil teacup in the most decedant shade of blue. i am really thinking that this will be the main color in our new master bedroom. i can't wait to have a cup of french vanilla tea in the morning with it.

an apron in the most lovly shades of pinks and browns.

and now, the minute we've all been waiting for. the purchase that is the best birthday present evaaaar! the purchase that makes me giddy with excitement everytime i look at it.

this amazing purchase is a 15 piece zodiac bar set. it comes complete with:

*8 glasses
*4 glass ashtrays
*1 glass ice bucket
*1 metal (brass?) ice-pick-er-upper
*1 metal (brass?) carrying case

i am completely smitten with this piece and i don't care if no one else is or not (hubby however said its not his cup of tea, but if it makes me happy, he likes it...awww!)

i almost wish i could curl up with it tonight in bed.

i would like to get a picture of it in better light b/c these just don't do it justice.

edited to add the recipe box that i forgot to post.

i also got the most amazing recipe box. i picked it up for its charm and colors and then i opened it up. JACKPOT!!! the original owner's recipes. now there's not many, and not much that i would cook, but i love reading them over, esp. the ones where i know when they were written.


you guys will not believe what i just bought at the antique store on my lunch break!!!

i can't wait to get home to take pictures and show you guys. i have found my new lunch buddy. this store is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

i will have to go another time (like tomorrow ;) and take pictures of some of the stuff (if they let me). the 50's, 60's, and 70's decor (esp. for the kitchen) is to die for.

to not keep anyone from peeing in their pants from the excitement of whats in store, i will tell you that i bought the cutest tin recipe card holder with the lady's handwritten recipes in it. one recipe for "cold slaw" is written on an envelope part marked december 1958!

okay, lemme run around my office like a madwoman with excitement :)


okay all you regulars and lurkers out there. let me get to know ya a bit (i mean seriously, aren't we all a lil sick and tired of hearing about me? BWAHAHAHAAA!!!)

i got this from the ever wonderfully cute jenny at freckle wonder.

here we go....

1. name:

2. birthday:

3. place of residence:

4. what makes you happy:

5. what are you listening to now/have listened to last:

6. an interesting fact about you:

7. are you in love/have a crush at the moment:

8. favorite place to be:

9. favorite lyric:

10. best time of the year:

11. strangest food you like:

12. biggest fear:13. biggest ambition:

1. a film:

2. a book:

3. a band, a song and an album:

1. one thing you like about me:

2. two things you like about yourself:

3. put this in your blog so i can tell you what i think of you.

4. post a picture of you

and so you really didn't think that i would quit talking about myself, i'll post my answers in the comment section too!!

Monday, February 06, 2006


so i was LONG overdue in making another mickey mouse calendar for a girl i work with, so tonight was the night it was going to get finished. i have so many swaps i need to work on, i didn't want this to go on the back burner for a minute longer.

calendar came out cute and i hope paula likes it (waves hand wildly at paula).

i then decided that i needed a lil calendar for myself to keep track of all the swaps that i have been participating in, all the items that needed to be mailed out for good morning sunshine, and any other computer related activites that i may participate in.

thought this would be a good way to keep these items separate from other events, and might help me battle my unorganization.

here is what i came up with. a calendar just for me. what i love about these calendars is they are a 2 year calendar. so i get to enjoy the handmade goodness of it until 2008.

note: the lil card that you see underneath the eye lense says "today" in hebrew i believe (i could be completely wrong here).

Sunday, February 05, 2006


i just recd. an email from a friend of mine where you are supposed to find the month you were born in and it tells a lil bit about yourself.

this is so right on.

FEBRUARY - Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent
and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexy.. Temperamental.
Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals.
Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness s. Too
sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show
it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows
it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp.
Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside.
Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show

if you wanna know what your month says, email me and i will foward the email to ya.

btw, this, i promise, is the last post for the night!


jennifer over at the felt mouse had the genius idea to have a challenge on how much of a gourmet dinner you could fix with items that you bought at a dollar store. i had to get in on this. i just love a good challenge and i love to try and save money.

of course this challenge left me with all sorts of ideas on what upcoming challenges could be.

i'd like to thank jennifer for this, b/c i have never bought any food related item (aside from candy and cookies) at the dollar store. i have always been worried about the quality of the item (would it be stale? no good?) and just figured it was best to get something at the grocery store. i didn't have a problem with anything that i bought and now i know that i can purchse things there (but you do have to know the prices of certain items at other stores if you are trying to watch what you spent. the brownie mix i bought was only 0.78 cents at walmart. i know its pennies, but that kinda thing irks me).

okay, on to my submission


items bought at the dollar store

*pkg. of salsa bowls (2 to a pack)
*pkg.of flour tortilla shells
*bag tortilla round chips
*jar of salsa
*jar of processed cheese (oh so gourmet eh?)
*jar of mexican chili seasoning
*box of mexican rice
*pkg. of betty crocker brownie mix
*8 pk. of snack size reeses peanut butter cups
*2 pkgs. of orange votive candles (2 to a pack)
*4 yellow color votive candles
*2 pkgs. of dish towels (one had just 1 towel & the other had 3 of a smaller size)

dollar tree total: $13.50

items bought at walmart

*1 can of pace salsa flavored refried beans

walmart total: $0.78

items already on hand

*pkg. of ground turkey (of this i only used half. saved the other half for a meatloaf this week)
*can of red kidney beans
*can of rotel diced tomatoes
*can of delmonte rio grande vegetables
*can of tomato paste
*can of corn
*4 tupperware plates (gotta be from the 70's. inherited them from my m-i-l)
*orange table cloth
*flower holder (which i only used b/c it matched)
*fake flowers (which i bought at a previous trip to the dollar tree)
*shredded cheese
*cupcake paper thingies
*pkg. of taco seasoning mix
*pkg. of hidden valleny ranch mix

i would say my total for items on hand is no more $10 (not including that over expensive flower holder mind you).

grand total: $24.28

on the menu

taco chili served in a tortilla shell bowl
sprinkled with cheese

rice on the side

tortilla chips topped with refried beans, rio grande veggies, shredded cheese, processed cheese, and salsa

cupcake brownies with a reeses peanut butter cup in the center.

everyone (minus my stubborn and picky lil girl) ate everything up. unfortunately, my dollar tree doesn't have much in the food department. that is unless you count candy as a major food group (which i do, but thought that may not work in the challenge ;)