Tuesday, September 20, 2005


finally, a free minute at home to post a few more pics. i am hoping that thursday i will be able to drive further west on hwy 90 and get some more shots.

these shots were taken in bay st. louis.

a poor shot of a badly destructed gas station across the tracks (and of course me in the rear view mirror).

a view down the street.

half a house that is not supposed to be sitting where it is.

all thats left of a house...a roof.

a view of the bay st. louis bridge. notice there is not a road sitting on top of it. its just the pillars that the bridge (road) sits on. its almost like a buncha dominoes that are all lined up.

american pride

whats left of a mansion on the beach.

another "house".

a house that i am guessing is from the other side of the street that landed right by the tracks.

all thats left of a church/catholic school. i took this shot from the car. i really couldn't bear to walk up there. greta did though. but she told me that with the statue was also jesus' face. ya know, its really amazing how things were destroyed but various religious statues are still standing...untouched.

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