Thursday, September 13, 2007


indeed i do, i have a *ton* of catching up to do, but considering that is 7 am and i should be getting ready to leave for work, i figured i drop in and post a couple more pics of noel's new kit.

it is sa-weet!!!!

i should have it in my hot lil hands, hopefully saturday, i know greta is wanting to fondle it a lil before i get to working on it (she's coming over saturday and staying the night for an all night crop).

here's a couple of new pics that noel sent me.

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this is another shot of the main kit....swoon!

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and this is a sneek of the add on...again major swoon!!

go here if you missed out on the first lil sneak peek :)

can't wait to get it and once i get it in my hot lil hands, i'll post a pic. now if you feel as if it is a matter of life and death to get your hands on this kit (and i think it is...lmao) then make sure you get over there once she releases it b/c she only has a limited number and if you've ever missed on a kit in the past, then i'm sure you're like me and you have kicked yourself in the ass for it.

here's hoping that tonight or tomorrow i can get on and do a lil catchin' up b/c there is a lot of it to do :)



sarah said...

what a fun looking kit...
you lucky girl!

Kate Hagelin said...

Have fun scrapping this weekend! HOpe you get caught up so I don't have to spend next week riding your ass!!xo