Thursday, November 09, 2006


its been almost a week since i promised to catch up on all the going-on's around here and i haven't done it yet (sorry father-in-law ;)

i have been busy though getting ready for the craft fair and for a couple of swaps i signed up for at the same time {don't know if i've mentioned it before, but i love the time line pressure that kind of stuff gives me. even if i do bitch about it}.

so needless to say, that hasn't left much time for going through photos, chaning their sizes, uploading them to my online photo storage place, and posting them.

so i'm not going to make any more promises about when i'll have updates up b/c i don't wanna break em. but i do hope its soon.

but what i really came here to talk about was my love for photography.
i have always loved it.
to have my own dark room is a dream {and a possibility in the new house huh babe?} to look at a picture and have it take my breath away is a feeling like no other.

as i've mentioned before i struggle with my camera. i wanna know all its in and outs. all the features and what they mean. there really isn't a place around here that teaches classes and unfortunately, i don't learn well from the hubby {even though he knows his shit and the reason that i probably have the problem learning from him is that i am frustrated at the fact that he knows something that i don't. i know, i know....ya'll don't have to tell me how wrong that really is}.

so that leaves me to try to really listen to what the hubby has to tell me when he figures he'll give me another shot at learning and/or by turning to the web. i am constantly in awe on a daily basis of the photobloggers out there.

so today i have hopped from one blog to another.
soaking up as much information and knowledge as i can.
re-reading definitions of the settings.
learning when to use which setting.
learning about light.
learning how to make light boxes (thanks shannafor the link)
and having my breath completely taken away.


Greta said...

i'll get mike to teach

glad to see you updated...

speaking of camera i have to figure out what the hell setting it's on cause my pics are turning out shitty...something switched and i am not liking it....

Chris-el-da said...

cameras are easy
if you have any Qs just ask.
i've got the As

check out these blogs

Josie said...

There is so much to learn with cameras...I just want it be easy! Almost Second Nature.
Let me know what you learn.

PS...Sorry about the Christmas Post, there might be a few more they BUG has hit me really early this year. Hope you understand:)

African Kelli said...

I really want to learn more about my camera too. I am such a lazy point-and-shooter. Espcecially now with digital because if it sucks, I just delete it and take another one without stopping to think how I could make it better. Now I'm going to pull out the manual when I get home. Thanks!

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