Sunday, December 31, 2006

CHRISTMAS 2006!!!!!

well, christmas if finally over {deep sigh of relief}.
i so wanted to post these christmas pictures a lot sooner, but i have spent the past week lounging around pretty much doing

NOTHING!!! which you would think that i would be relieved about that, but i'm not really. there was so much i wanted to get

done. i did however get ALOT of scrappin' done {can you say 10 lo's...whooo-haaa! those will be in a later post}.

so anyway, back to christmas. it was a lovely day and i must say that santa spoiled us all.

especially me!

here's a rundown of some of the goodies that i got:

*tickets to see billy joel in new orleans in march!!!!! (mike)
*$100 gc to the lss (mike)
*talladega nights on dvd (mikey)
*the coolest lil book on the history of monopoly (mom)
*a christmas story tshirt (mom)
*a betty crocker breast cancer cookbook (mike)
*these amazing measuring cups (bella)
*walmart gc (mom)

and a ton of other goodies.

okay, enough of the ramblin'. here are some pictures:

the tree after santa's visit

mikey coming down seeing the tree for the first time.

bella seeing the tree.

the kiddos in a mad fury to open up their presents.

mike and his packer santa hat.

me and my lss gc.

me and my billy joel tickets. disregard the fact that i look like complete utter shit.

this year mikey got to go shopping at school and buy presents for his family members on his own. he has had the presents

under the tree for about three weeks and practically every day he asked if he could give them to us. we must be doing

something right b/c he wasn't even interested in opening up any of his things christmas morning, he just wanted to give us

ours. and i must say that mikey is quite the excellent shopper. everything he got was absolutely perfect for each one of


mom got a playing card bracelet (i'm a lil jealous...she better hold on to that thing tight or it might come up "missing".

are ya reading mom?)

b.c. got a soccer dish for his desk. i think it holds post it notes in it.

bella got a beautiful ring that she has been carrying around with her since christmas. i think she loves the black "velvet"

box as much as the ring.

mike got a magnetic dart set.

and i got the best present ever. a mom necklace with "diamonds". i love, love, love it.
damn i love that kid.

santa brought the kiddos bikes.

after most of the wrapping paper was cleaned up, mike and mom cooked breakfast. we had pancakes and bacon. yummo!

i hope that everyone had an amazing holiday week and that you are all resting well. 2007 is right around the corner and i

must say that my list of resolutions continues to grow. i'll post that tomorrow.

i'm hoping that i can get more computer time to keep this thing more updated. but its hard to get on the computer here at

mom's when you have two grown men and one lil guy constantly feeling the need to be on it to play one of those stupid ass

computer games. and i made the mistake of buying mike more.

oh well!


Jennifer said...

Sounds (and looks) like a wonderful time! Happy New Year!

beki said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas! All the best in 2007!!!

claudine said...

that looks like one great Christmas!!!

andrea said...

Loved reading this post! You have such a great fam! :) glad you had such a great holiday!

Greta said...


Nas said...

Looks like an AWESOME xmas! Happy New year!!

Sherry said...

Happy to hear you had a fabulous Christmas. All the best to you and Mike in 2007.

sarah said...

looks like it was a wonderful christmas!
how nice!