Wednesday, January 03, 2007

HAPPY 2007!!!

me and greta. we had a game night with a buncha couples. we gobbled on homemade chili, snacks galore, beer and had a blast playing mad gab and ballderdash. can i get a whoo-haa for the ladies? we kicked the guys' ass at mad gab :)

hope everyone is enjoying the first three days of 2007. i know i am. i'm enjoying the idea of being organized, the idea of having my shit together. isn't that was january is all about....out with the old, in with the new?

tomorrow, i'll post my list of goals and things i wanna accomplish for 2007.

but first, i wanna show some of the scrappy things i did over the weekend. i don't know what came over me, but on the 30th, me and mom got home about 1030 from running last minute errands and have a girl's dinner at the cracker barrell (yum...blt!)
and decided to scrap a page. before i knew it, it was 2:30 in the morning. now i didn't wanna go to bed, but i decided that i better b/c i didn't wanna sleep until 11:00 a.m. again (which i ended up doing). but when i did get up, the mojo was still there and i got to scrapping.

so far the mojo hasn't left (keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't) and i hope to get some more scrapping done. underneath each picture is the journaling on the lo.

while in maggie valley, north carolina with a group of gal pals
in october 2004, we came across a place to ride a mechanical bull.
now being a HUGE fan of "urban cowboy", i knew this was something
i had to try. can you say hooked? if i could have one of these
in my backyard i would. :yee-haw:

true love

oh how i love cherry season. i eat these beauties
by the handful. these shiny gems were bought by tom.
just because. because he knows how much i {heart} cherries. yum.

one night, mom let me know that she was kicking mike and i outta the
house so she could take care of christmas stuff with the kiddos. no need
to tell us twice. so we decided to use the $50 gc (the major got me for
my birthday) to the outback. we stuffed our face with yummy food, hit
walmart for some christmas shopping, and then headed to the movies to
see "the holiday". great movie. i heart date night.

st. patrick's day 2006

"g" is for goofy

a day at the park

one day, for whatever reason, mikey threw his arms in front of him and asked
for a cup of water. since the way he did it made us all crack up, bella made
a mental note of it. since that day on, bella has been doing the same little
number. as she throws her arms in front of herself, she shouts "a cuppa water".

i'm normally a coffee kinda gal, but when i spotted this beauty at centuries
antique galley in d'iberville, my heart skipped a beat. isn't it stunning? the most
perfect shade of robin's egg blue. and why is it the tea tastes so unbelievably good
outta it? i keep my little blue teacup at work. when i begin to feel a lil stressed, i turn to little blue and i feel so much better. the color of the cup, the feel of the cup...tea-rrific.

"FABULOUS!!" my word of choice. i didn't realize how often i used the word
until it was pointed out to me. once i sat back and thought about how often
i used it, i was thrilled to learn i had my own signature word.


Raina* said...

Whoa, that is a shit-whack of layouts!!! What's your secret??

MaryAnn said...

cutie-pa-tootie! Why dontcha come over and do mine? I'll make you coffee OR tea in a robin's egg blue cup...

Jennifer said...

Wow, that's a lot of work!

And I hope all of the anti-scrappers out there see the oh-so-cute paper you used. I've been meaning to do a post about the cute paper that is available now - as cute if not cuter than the fabric patterns people rave about! It certainly got me back into paper crafts.

African Kelli said...

These are all fabulous! You are so creative.

Kristi Sauer said...

I love that hee-haw layout!!

Sounds like a very fun New Year!! Love the pic of you and Greta!

Greta said...

umm can i ask where my copy of that pic is along with the halloween pics and gawd knows what other one's i need from your ass??? huh...huh???

Glad to see you remembered "our" pic that night...we've been slacking

beki said...

Ooo, I love your pages! They turned out great! You really have a talent for that.

elizabeth said...

thanks everyone!

maryann, if i could, you know i would be there in a heartbeat. of course we'd have to have tea after we went thriftin'. we'll be "welfare" together ;)

sarah said...

holy crap!
that's a lot of pages...
how fun, they're so great! :)
Wish I had your mojo right now...
I think mine is slowly coming back though.

andrea said...

holy moly! thats awesome you got so many pages done. I dig that Fab photo of you withe the beads and super cool glasses!

Amber Lee said...

Crap man, that's amazing! Late nights are my bread and butter creative time zones too!

Colleen said...

check out all the scrappy goodness!!!

Jamie said...

dang woman, way to rock that mojo!

Josie said...

you are rocking those layouts...i love the mechanical bull...its on my lists of dos. Wasn't the Holiday the Best Movie...what a great date night!
Happy 2007!

V said...

AWESOME layouts!!!!

Miss you!

deb said...

your layouts are fabulous!! Dang you've been a busy girl! Just love that yee haw layout and photo!

Chris-el-da said...

you and your talent suck
i'm coming out of the wood work to tell you so!

Anonymous said...

I love love love your scrapbook pages and used to pretend I was "Sissy" from Urban cowboy! The machanical bull rocks!

sink sink socks said...

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sarah said...

Dang girl! I'm pretty sure you made more pages in a weekend than I made all of 2007!! I love them!
p.s. love the mechanical bull page. :) I'm too scared to get on one.....I'd be that girl who couldn't even throw a leg over the bull to get on because I'm too short! LOL!

aja said...

I adore that cup, I am going through a crazy tea phase right now! And you do me shame was all your creativity, I am very impressed!