Tuesday, February 20, 2007


yeppers folks, i am off to lafayette, louisiana for a grant writing school (rock on higher education that i don't have to pay for ;).

i'm going with one of my best buddies from work and we are both looking forward to the class. he's such a great buddy that he already told me that he would take me to some scrapbooking stores in the area...lol.

well today was mardi gras. i stayed on the couch watching things like lifetime movies and judge joe brown/judy. gotta love the day off for mardi gras.

so as soon as the cars get the heck off the streets, tom will be on his way to pick me up so we can head off.

we'll get back late saturday night, then i'll sleep and then early saturday morning, me and michael are getting up and heading over to new orleans for the day. that is what i told him i wanted to do for my birthday. i wanna go over with my camera (aka my lover) and take some awesome pictures, eat some beignets, do a lil shopping, and just hang out with my hubby. i love when me and the hubby get to get away just the two of us.

then sunday, we are going to have my bday dinner (greta, if you are reading, i know i told you monday, but it feels easier if we do it sunday....we're going to grill out).

then monday its my bday!!!! i'm still like a five year old. i look forward to the day all year long. its my day. a day i don't have to share with anyone. i get to do what i want, eat what i want, not do chores, its pure bliss.

alright, i just remembered some things i still have to pack.

big hugs and happy mardi gras to all ya'll :)


SpAzzGiRL said...

So lucky you had off work!
Have fun this weekend, take tons of photos.

sarah said...

you had the day off for mardi gras?!

have fun on your trip.
learn stuff.
and buy scrappy stuff.

and have fun in New Orleans this weekend! I wanna see lots of pics.

Kelli said...

Send me your mailing address when you get a chance! I hope you have a great trip. I write grants ALL THE TIME!

Kristi said...

Hope you had a good Mardi Gras! Enjoy your free time on your business trip!

sarah said...

A day off for Mardi Gras?? I need to move down there. And earn myself some beads. Maybe not. I'll settle for alcohol. :)

Have fun on your trip and happy early birthday!!!

Josie said...

Happy Birthday Chica!
Where have you been?