Friday, February 16, 2007


i'm bored.
outta my gourd.


i'm at work and its only 2pm. holy shit. three...okay, two hours left ;)

hmm...maybe i'll spice some things up with random fact friday. lets see i haven't done this in what?


and i was so proud of myself too for keeping up with it.

usually i do em in themes (its a sick compulsion actually...everything has to be a theme and match in my life) but this week, i'll just do randoms since i am too bored to think of more than one thing for a theme.

{1} i've ridden a mechanical bull once and loved it so much, i wish i could put one in my backyard. i've loved the movie urban cowboy since i was little and when i did ride one, i was tempted to pull a sissy.

{2} i would have a baby monkey for a pet if michael let me. every time i see one on tv in a diaper, my heart melts.

{3}when we were younger, a cousin and i would "fake talk". i don't know how this started (but it was probably me though that started) but we would sit around and talk about people that didn't exist and make up conversations. yep, it was prolly me and my wild imagination that thought of this one.

{4} i started watching soaps in about the 6th or 7th grade (rock on young and the restless, as the world turns, and bold and the beautiful). so there would be times that when i would yawn and my eyes would water, that i would pretend that i was a soap character who was crying and taking a breaking up from a hunky soap star. (hmmm...there's that imagination again).

{5} me and my mom were recently watching some home movies from back in the day (i was about 11-12). well this one particular movie was christmas where i tore open a package and the look on my face was amazing. i had opened up some color pencils. now these weren't any color pencils, these were the kind that you buy in the art section of a craft store. the expensive ones. i still have those color pencils and think about how i excited i was about them when i got them. even on the tape i said "oh these are supposed to be good".

{6} bookstores make me happy. i mean very happy. and if i stumble into one that is independantly owned with wooden floors i'm even happier.

well i guess thats it for now. i have some bullshit going on with trying to sell the old house (and no i'm not in the new one yet) so i'm going to be on the phone with that.

hope ya'll enjoy this...that is if anyone is still reading.


Greta said...

i fake talked too...that is hysterical...

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

dude, i had a whole thing posted...i wrote how much i like your random facts...:) too lazy to retype it all!

Kristi Sauer said...

You are just too cute Elizabeth!

Miss Bliss said...

Of course we are reading... hope things get better with the house!

SpAzzGiRL said...

Baby Monkey?!?!? Diaper or not...Monkey?? Really?!!
Hope that house drama subsides, I'm waiting for the new house.