Sunday, March 04, 2007


another weekend is finally over. i actually shouldn't make it out like i'm glad that the weekend is over b/c i'd love to have just one more day before i go back to work, but i'm glad that last week is over. even though it was my birthday week, it was the longest week ever.
thank you so much for all the birthday wishes and i bet you guys are thinking this is going to be a birthday post, but i'm afraid i'll be disappointing

i'm just going to catch ya up on what i did over the weekend and post pictures of the lo's i did for
the circle journals that i'm behind on {as usual}.
saturday, mike took both the kiddos to the ballfields so mikey could have baseball tryouts and me and mom ran some errands. we stopped by the scrapbooking store to pick up the lo's i submitted for design team. no, i didn't make design team, but she did ask me to be a guest designer one month and i picked july. i was a lil bummed that i didn't get picked, but i guess thats the way of letting me know that i am too busy for that right now and that maybe another time would be best. so i was excited though that i got picked as guest designer.

after that we hit a couple of thrift stores and antique stores where i made out like a bandit. i got
some of the cutest buttons, book, and games. i also got some more jars to store some things in when i get moved into the craft room.

today, mike spent the day painting out kitchen cabinets and i worked on my circle journals. i also made some thank you cards that are going out in the mail tomorrow.

andrea's journal

jenna's journal

dana's journal

thank you card

if everyone crosses their fingers that i might post more than once this work, it may work and i just might do i don't know what has been going on with me lately, call it laziness, call it bored, i don't know, but i just haven't been in the mood to post. this creates problems for me b/c then i become overwhelmed when i do wanna post (shit, i'm gonna have a ton of catching up to do) and it makes me not document what is going on in the manna's life.

oh, on a side note, tuesday i go see billy joel in new orleans. i am so stinkin' excited i can't even stand myself. thursday is mikey's first baseball practice, and i guess thats all i can think of for now.

hope everyone had a great week.


Greta said...

everything turned out so good....i love the thank you cards...glad to see your are working your stamps...

SpAzzGiRL said...

How do you like that barcode set?? I've heard some complaints.
Used it this weekend and I think the trick is to leave it on the paper longer, but still not my favorite design.
Thought for sure you woulda made that DT.

sarah said...

sorry about the DT gig...
but, hey, they still loved you enough to make you a guest designer! Keep at it. :)

Fun CJ pages...
I'd love to be in another CJ - but since someone STOLE my book I'm a little hesitant.

Dude, Billy Joel?! So jealous...he's one of my faves. :)

And, I bday love has not gone in the mail yet. :( It's coming soon, I promise. ;)

Kristi Sauer said...

Great layouts!
And rock on at Billy Joel...sounds awesome!

African Kelli said...

Those books are just gorgeous. LOVE! you are super talented.
And Billy Joel? Lucky woman!!

Josie said...

Sorry about the DT gig...hope you had a good bday week ...and to show i ditzy I am...I've had your card sitting in my car now for 7 days to mail...I thought I had already mailed it...its on the way...