Sunday, March 18, 2007

MY BDAY (A FRIGGIN' MONTH LATE!!!) birthday. yes it was almost a month ago and i am just now getting a chance to post all the details.

it was a great day. the day before (sunday) we had a lil cookout and invited greta and the kiddos to come over. that is when i got to open up presents and eat my favorite spice cake for dessert.

the goodies included:

*scrappin' goodies galore
*a navagation system for my car (you have no idea how bad i need this)
*a emerald necklace
*a ruby bracelet
*koolaid pitcher and glasses
*cooking supplies
*a tether ball set (hell yeah!!)

i spotted this koolaid set in an antique shop months ago.
me and my brothers had one just like it and i contemplated
getting it for my kiddos, but didn't know if i wanted to come
off the $15. so i left it. i was telling my mom about it one
day and we decided to swing by there and see if it was still there.
it wasn't. i was cussing myself out for not getting it the first
time i was there. lo and behold, my mom was the one that bought
it for me for my bday!!!

goodies from greta

stamps from michael

then that monday, once i got to work, my desk looked like this courtesy of my boss.

and it just so happened that this is what was on the calendar for my bday:

how'd they know????

and here are some goodies that i got from my bloggin' buddies!!!

from beki

dontcha just love that owl fabric?????

from my gal pal mary ann

from aja

it was an awesome, awesome day and i can't wait till next year.

thank you all so much for all the bday love and wishes and sorry it took so long to get this posted :)


*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Dude, you got spoiled big time! Did you get the little thing I sent? Just wanted to make sure it didn't get lost in the mail...

SpAzzGiRL said...

wow, look at all the goodies and btw...I sent you something too!!!

Greta said...

change that pic of stamps that michael gave you...those are the ones i gave you...lmao....

man your racked up for your birthday....