Friday, July 06, 2007


first lemme say, we signed on the house today!!!!

{throws confetti}


we're poor for the rest of our lives....lmao.

no seriously, we couldn't be more thrilled about and i still can't believe after all this time, its finally over. me and michael will be loading up a uhaul and getting stuff moved in tomorrow.

things of course are going to be hectic on my end, so i'll try one day at work to email the bloggin' buddies that are interested my new addy.

and now for the moment ya'll have been waiting for.

the winners to the rak!!

i decided to let mikey pull a name and bella pull one.

so we have two winners!!!

mikey pulled...

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and bella pulled...

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congrats girlies.

now i hope you won't mind, but due to schtuff being boxed up, i hope you don't mind if it takes me a week or so to get your goodies in the mail.

anna girl, i need your addy.

well i guess i better go, i have more packing. hope ya'll have a fab weekend!


Greta said...

wooo hooooo go sarah and anna....
so excited for you E...glad it's over

aimee said...

Hey Elizabeth! Just wanted to make sure you knew that you won the challenge at Scissor Sisters! Let me know how I can get your gift card number to you (your email address). Send it to my email address:

Thanks for doing the challenge! I loved your layout!


sarah said...

Girl, I am SO happy you signed on the house. Awesome news.

and second...
hey! that's me! :)
take your time girl...
send that rak when you're good and settled.


Mary Ann said...

Will you be settled in enough for company next weekend? Cuz I thought I'd just come down and take you and Greta out for too many margaritas while you let the boys move all the heavy stuff.

Josie said...

so excited your house "drama" is over..I can't wait to see more pics!

B said...

Congratulations on your new house! I remember how excited hubby and I were when we got the keys to our very first house. It was pouring down rain and freezing cold outside but we HAD to go there as soon as we got the keys in our hot little hands! No waiting 'til the next day, which was Thanksgiving Day, too. So I wish you many happy years in your new home with your family.
:-) Brenda

Anna Molina-Wilkinson said...


So excited about you finally being in the house! When can I move in now? I can't wait to see pics.

I can't believe I won. Yay!

Miss you girl!