Friday, December 07, 2007


that's how i feel.
both physically and mentally.
i'm friggin' sick again with a head cold(?) and it sucks.
i also feel like something in my life has changed.
i can't explain it (well maybe i can but i choose not to here) but i know i don't like it.

maybe i'll feel better mentally once the cold part goes away.
maybe i'll feel better once i get out and do some xmas shopping and get into the holiday spirit (i haven't gotten there yet).

actually i think i'll feel better once 2008

sorry for the debbie downer of a post :(


Crafty Connie said...

Sit down, sip something warm, take some cold medicine and get well soon. I hope that you beat that nasty bug and you can get into the holiday season with a better mood.

Aimee said...

sorry you're sick :( i feel you on the holiday stuff-i just can't get into this year. maybe it will sneak up on me & grab hold!

sarah said...

sorry sweets.
feel better!

noelmignon said...

hugs e!

Tina said...

sorry you're so down. maybe just listen to some cmas tunes, sip on some hot cocoa and relax. hopefully that'll get your spirits up. :)

M said...

I have a head cold right now too.

One thing I have learned. You are NEVER too old for a little Vicks Vapor Rub. My hubby has been steering clear the last few days.

If you have a really sore throat I have an excellant "all-natural" drink you can make at home, that really (honest-to-god) works.

Hope you are back to your normal self soon.

Anna M-W said...

I hope you are feeling better. It was going around in December.