Thursday, December 13, 2007


i had planned on posting this last night, but we are having some problems with our home computer so i had to wait until today.

which is a good thing i did b/c i got some more pics to share for today.

i was so happy this a.m. when i woke up and saw this:

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ahhh...the sun rising! whatta sight. for the past week or so, every morning is just a thick fog. i was glad to see this.

then after dropping the kiddos off and heading back home i saw this:

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full rainbow!!! and whats funny and i didn't get a shot of it, but from the road i was driving on, it looked like the rainbow was in pink cotton candy b/c the sky was so pink. but once i got home and it was over the house like that, the sky was more blue/grey.

it was gorgeous.
i coulda stayed out there with a cuppa coffee and watched it till it went away.


now onto some craftiness.
i've been busy in the craft room playing one of santa's elves making all sorts of christmas goodies that i cannot wait to post after the holidays.

but i can show you these couple of things.

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christmas ornaments for mikey's school teachers.


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these are going out to some special people in my life.

oh and before i forget, here are the newest entries to my december album. i really think i'm going to finish this one folks.

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dontchya just love that vintage-y exercise looking paper behind the hambly. the lover*ly amber sent it to me. its perfect for this lo!!

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lol...its funny how the 11th's is about exercising and dieting and the 12th's is about drinking a coffee but non*fat milk and no whipped cream

i used the bag that the biscotti came in for the "paper" and the lil cardboard thing around the cup.

well i guess that's it.
tonight will be spent making cookies for mikey's christmas party. luckily i made the dough last night and the recipe i used makes a ton and i mean a ton of cookies so there will be dough left over to make cookies for mikey's boyscout christmas party saturday. oh and making the cards to go with the teacher ornaments and i know exactly what i am going to do, just need to do them.

so how is everyone else's christmas preparing and gift making going??


Greta said...

everything looks great....those mini books look so good!!

and ummmm yeah i will be consulting you on a secret in a minute...
love the rainbow...i didn't see that this morning in the "city"

my stuff is coming along slowly..grrr!!!

SpAzzGiRL said...

love that ornament!
We are the city of gloom these days, everything is sooooo grey.

Did Greta say secret?? I thought she goes bonkers over secrets and suprises...guess it only goes one way, huh?!! LOL

noelmignon said...

Hey Missy....glad you jumped on the "healthy bandwagon" early with me! We can do it SiStah!

PS - head over to my blog....I'm rokin' a Jan Brady shirt just for you and your love of the 70's!

Josie said...

love those ornaments esp the ribbon on top..what a cute touch
your pile of wrapped gifts look so purty!!!
and how lucky of you to see a rainbow!

Michelle said...

oooh..glad I found your blog! =) Love that sun rise picture, and the cute teacher ornaments and the lil cards! adorable stuff! =)

sarah said...

such fun!
love the teacher ornaments...

and that sunrise...
and the rainbow - pretty!

I'm nearly done with my handmade gifts...but I can't post them until after my friends and a I exchange - they're blog readers.


*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

those little books look so cute! lucky peeps! and that ornament is super cute! can you come be my elf? i've got some stuff done. i made 6 versions of a little photo album (you know the brag books you can get?) of pics of my boys from this year. then today i redid the covers cuz they sucked (did them when i wasn't feeling the mojo). and i am making some super cute packaging to go with them, based on a photo on a site. they'll get torn and stuff, but i think they'll be uber cool! so i'm not as much done as i should be, but i really don't have that much to do in the first place! :)

-karen (akaliz) said...

the ornaments came out sooo cute! my michael made one all by himself for his teacher (with just a little help). he was so excited! and the little mini books look great too.

i sent you something similar on weds :) hope you like!


NancyJones said...

oh that all looks awesome LOVE the rainbow I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Mary Ann said...

Did your box from me show up yet? Well, did it?

NancyJones said...


andrea said...

what a great idea about the teacher ornaments~! and the raibow is a happy thing to see. xoxo

Jenn said...

I was supposed to jump on the early health wagon last week and i havent yet , UGH ! I have to go back to WW on Jan 7 th and need to lose weight before that just to be CLOSE to what i was last time i went, sad ! Maybe i shall try tomorrow to do something toward that goal !
Great goodies you are makin' there ! I am so behind, i must go out christmas shopping tonight ! I still have a bit to buy . We did make cookies yesterday and today though :) YUM ! Though NOT part of the healthfest i need to have ! I havent posted a new blog post myself in well over a week, put that on my list for tomorrow ....
Enjoy the rest of your week and your holiday if i dont get a chance to pop by before, MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!

Carrie said...

I haven't seen a rainbow in years and years,how beautiful!
You certainly have been busy,don't forget to relax a little,too!

Heidijayhawk said...

cotton candy rainbows? heck ya. merry christmas sweetie!

Anna M-W said...

How did the cookies turn out?