Tuesday, June 03, 2008


yesterday while i was checking out bloglines, i came across this post by beth johnson.

ummm hello!

brilliant idea.

especially since i haven't created anything since national scrapbooking day (um, have i shared those lo's yet?) so i told her i was game and so far i've created something every day (gimme a break, i know its only the 3rd, but hey, that's at least three things done right?)

so here's what i got done so far:

june 1st

cork board1
i bought this lil cork board at the thrift store for less than $0.75
painted it blue with some paint i already had on hand and added four lil white hooks to it!

june 2nd

lo for current noel mignon challenge. the challenge is to do a summer lo and what says summer like swimmin'.

what a goof ball
lo for current scrap your crap challenge. you had to use a mix of stickers and who doesn't have a ton of stickers laying around!

my csi guy
new scrap jacked challenge! this is my new fave. love this pic of michael. i took it at work using a polaroid and if you can't figure it out, that's his badge in his mouth. i also did a photo transfer of this photo that i'll share later (talk about an addicting craft!)

june 3rd

a lil canvas i made. the size is 5x7. i used vintage fabric and buttons. and of course some american thickers. its the perfect lil thing to sit on/near my scrap desk! and of course there's that yellow!

ye pirate ship
a lo of my two fave boys!

so wow!

i can't believe how much i have gotten done in three days. and i know the main reason that i have gotten stuff done. i spent 8 hours (yes 8 hours!) cleaning, rearranging furniture, throwing stuff away, and throwing stuff into boxes for my two winners (so if you gals were wondering, i'm still throwing stuff in them and then waiting on you gals to get settled into your new homes :)

its now cleaned up and out and more airy feeling. its just a great space. now i still have a dining room table filled with crap that i gotta move around, but i think i needed the crafty break.

so thanks beth for the inspo :)


beth said...

yay! i am so glad you are playing along!
just think how many things we will have made by the end of the month.
thanks for post what you've been making.

beth said...

i meant...
thanks for posting what you've been making. :)

karen akaliz said...

i'm glad you pointed out that was his badge...i thought he had some really weird goatee thing going on.

the create canvas rocks. i love the results of your challenge. i might have to do this...i wish! can i do them all in one day?

Sarah said...

Wow!! That's alot of creating!!! I am so impressed!! I need to spend today cleaning up and then maybe, I can get some crafty mojo going, too.

SpAzzGiRL said...

that's a whole lotta craftiness going on, wow! Love that mixed letter layout, that is awesome!

Scrap Your Crap said...

wow you have been busy!!!
love all the scrappiness
and i am laughing at what karen said cause lord knows i thought the same thing at first...lol


Lisa said...

Wow, you have got a lot done and it all looks great! :)

Anonymous said...

You go girl !!!! Glad to see you blogging again, and i love all your creations !! They are awesome :) I love your style . Have a great weekend !!!!


chelemom said...

WOW!!! Lots done! Love your LO's!!!

Aimee said...

when are we goign to see pics of your clean room?!