Monday, July 17, 2006


while at chili's tonight for dinner (which is a complete treat btw....well it is for the family, i'm there with greta or the major about once a week) mikey was playing his gameboy and bella was coloring while we waited for our food.

a conversation started between big mike and her over what she was doing.

bella said something about her coloring that i missed.

and mike said : well excuse you (in a sing songing smarty voice)

and bella yelled: i didn't fart!!!

damn i shoulda wrote it down while we were there.

greta, where is that pocket protector and pen i keep saying i'm going to carry around on me????


Anonymous said...

hi elizabeth. thanks for dropping by my blog:) when we catch our 2.5 yo farting she will point her finger at someone else and say they did

V said...


kristi sauer said...

Kids say the funniest things!!!

Jamie said...

omg, awesome!!!

sarah said...

nice! :)