Thursday, July 06, 2006

HAPPY (BELATED) 4TH!!! picture heavy

hope everyone had a wonderful 4th filled with grilled meat, mayo-laden salads, plenty of red, white, and blue snacks, and fireworks.

we had a day filled with the above (minus the mayo-laden salads) but a few games of scattagories and texas hold em in its place. we went over to mom's and spent the afternoon there and then let the kiddos do sparklers once it was dark.

we had fun but hated to have to come home and go to bed so we could go to work/school the next day (blech).

before we arrived at mom's though, we decided to stop by the new house to let the kiddos get out and look around.

of course i got some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

front of house


bella in her room

mikey in his room

french doors

my closet....look at all that space.

the craft room.

me in my craft room

cathedral ceiling in living room.

front porch

hope ya'll are having a good week. i haven't been able to cruise around many blogs, but i hope to do some catching up tomorrow :)



Greta said...

umm excuse me but why am inot in the craft room picture jumping as well?? just a

Anonymous said...

looks good girl , gonna be a nice house :) paula

V said...

I'm drooling over your house. You and Mike make the CUTEST couple! Seriously!! I've missed talking to you. I'm hanging low and tweaking about my upcoming surgery and all that! But I've missed you and you now know that! :)

Alli's Mom said...

you have your own craft room? my jealousy is rearing her very ugly head!

looks like ya'll had a great 4th! love the sparkler pics, I wasn't quite brave enough to let the Ladybug to sparklers this year. Her mommy is such a wuss sometimes!

Jamie said...

Craft room, hells yeah!!!!!!!! Woo woo! It's coming along girl, YESSSS!

sarah said...

the house is looking good!
yay for the craft room!!!

joy madison said...

elizabeth your house is SOOOOOOO exciting!!! Congrats!