Sunday, July 09, 2006


nothing like waiting until the last minute to work on a swap package. this of course is nothing against the swap itself, just that i've been a busy gal.

so i had another love/hate relationship with my sewing machine but luckily it ended in love. damien rice and dave matthews were who got me thru the whole thing.

but i have to say that i love the way the apron turned out.

i also altered a lil chunky notebook to go with. of course there are other goodies, but i haven't taken a picture of the whole sha-bang yet.

if you haven't noticed, the package has a whole polka-dot theme going on (you know me, i love a theme :)

tomorrow i'll post some more exciting things.

hope ya'll had a great weekend.

and for those going to cha....only 11 more days.



julia said...

CUTE! What are you talking about!? This looks way harder than my silly apron! I could never sew around those circles. Love it!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Those are so dang cute! Love them!!!

MaryAnn said...

oooooh! How great! I just packaged mine up this morning, so you are not alone in your procrastinating ways:) Aren't you excited to see what you get in return?!

Greta said...

Love it all girl and that notebook is fab...i'll be expecting one you know.. >:)~

SpAzzGiRL said...

that apron is great!!
Why can't I get my machine to do that...oh wait, maybe it's me!! lol

sarah said...

polka dots are my favorite...
that apron rocks!

Jamie said...

cute, cute stuff girl!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, The apron turned out very cute !!..Good job !!..your *new "nickname" should be "Betty Crocker"..ha ha ha..XO XO,Mom