Tuesday, August 15, 2006


i participated in amber's super cool crafty swap and let me tell you that i had the best partner.


andrea spoiled me rotten. this girl got me down pact. you would have thought that we have been friends forever with all the wonderful goodies that she sent me.

now don't be jealous :)

a prima jar filled with all sorts of fabulousness!

where oh where did she get those bingo tokens that have letters on them? eeeeek!

cigar tins. one which she decorated and one plain that she left for me to decorate. both were filled with goodies (which i forgot to photograph).

this is friggin' awesome and i cannot wait to use it.

and a stack of the most *amazing* paper in all shades of blue. she also sent this license plate paper with a note that said since i know all the state capitals. i think i am going to use that paper to scrap that story on.

thanks again andrea. i am so sorry that it took so long to praise you with this post but i know you understand. i'm so glad that you had me. i have enjoyed reading your blog and have found a new friend.



on a different note, i did a lil swapping with anna-maria and she sent me this ka-yute tin filled with piles of aussie candy goodness.

thank you so much anna. i promise your package is going out shortly :)


MaryAnn said...

I thought you moved to typepad, so I've been looking for you there! I wondered where the hell you were, and that's here!

andrea said...

Yea ~I love having a new friend! That state capitol story still cracks me up, I read it again for kicks. I will email you the directions for that paper sack album soon, promise!
I'm so *happy* you liked your stuff!

Alli's Mom said...

Wow! You got some great stuff! How cool!

claudine said...

Hey I gave Andrea those bingo tokens and she regifted!!! He he just kidding. That is some great stuff!

Greta said...

that shit rocks girl and i am jealous...actually i am haten!!

Colleen said...

enjoy your goodies mija

sarah said...

that's some seriously fun goodies!!!!

Raina_Marie said...

You got some really great stuff.
Makes me wish I had gotten on board when I heard about it.
Next time.

Jennifer said...

Hey girl - what the? I've been watching for you over at Typepad too. But, good to see you going strong over at your old digs. Can't wait to see what you make with all this goodness!

aja said...

Awesome stuff, and it came in a glass jar!!! How cool is that??

Jamie said...

OMG how FUN is that!!!
Awesome stuff woman!!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Do you have a 3rd blog you're updating? Are you avoiding me? lol

No soup for me???