Tuesday, June 20, 2006


things are still hectic, so i leave with you some random photos.

bella as a messy princess.

mikey discovers that he can make dogs with legos.

a kinda recent photo of "the house".

ya know, i got a wonderful magazine today from sundance catalog. upon having some "quiet-time" in the bathroom {wink wink} i noticed the back cover. it was an old pick up truck filled with these wonderful embroidered pillows for each of the states.

i gasped!!!!


oh wait. they're $155 EACH!!!!

okay, maybe i won't have them, but the idea of having one for each state that me and michael have lived in is still tempting.

i guess that is until i figured out how much that would be.

lets see.....we would need a pillow for...

& mississippi

thats 7 x $155= hold on, lemme break out the calculator.....okay, $1085.00. so like i said, i won't be owning these pillows.

but look at how great they are:

but the point of all of this, is it made me realize how much i am obessed with the states.

*i love those old-kitchy style postcards from prolly the 50's that have the states on them with lil pictures and stuff. i bought two posters that had all 50 states on them at hobby lobby so i could cut them up for crafty stuff. yes, i said two.

*i keep telling michael that i want one of those book-thingies for kids that have a big ol brad in the corner and you can slide out the cards and they have facts on each state.

*i'd like to visit each and every state one day

*i love looking at those sticker maps that people put on the back of their rv's that show all the states they have driven to.

*love looking at state tags. used to play that game in the car all the time when we traveled.

*i pride myself on knowing the majority of the state capitals (i used to know all of them, but that is when i was at school).

case in point: one day, my mom, her at the time husband, michael, my cousin, and myself were playing scattegories and the letter on the die was "F" and one of the catagories was state capitals.

i had this in the bag. i was so excited that i was the only one that knew that frankfurt was the capital of kentucky that i was shaking. i purposely let everyone have their turn so i could be the victor (i am usually this way with ALL games i play...sad i know).

when it got to my turn, i proudly shouted frankfurt!!

everyone laughed at me.

frankfurt is not the capital of kentucky. frankfurt is the capital of germany. lexington is the capital of kentucky they all shouted.

oh no its not i shouted back. and when i mean shouted, i mean shouted. i was pissed at this point.

so i got my fat ass up, marched into my brother's bedroom, grabbed the "K" encyclopedia, opened it up to kentucky and found where it said "capital: frankfurt". i then pounded...errr...marched my way back into the living room (where everyone was still having a good laugh at my expense might i add) and took that open book and shoved in front of everyone's face all the while screaming "frankfurt", then to the next person "frankfurt" until i showed each person.

i ended it with an "i quit!!!" and that was that.

so yes, i know i'm a wack-a-doo but if i say frankfurt is the capital of kentucky, its the capital of kentucky god damn it!!


Greta said...

you are a fucking wack...i can vouch for this...see peeps this is the shit i have to put up with....don't you envy me?


i love ya you know
wack-a doo ness and all

Pink Rocket said...

lmao! that game rocks!

the pillows are fabulous! what about finding vintage tablecloths or hankies that had the states on them...i think Moda makes the new one's...then making them into pillows?

Anonymous said...

ok so what is the capital of idaho?? see my blog for the answer - LOL!!!!

Miss ya girl. Have you been to NY? The invite is still open for this August if you can swing, kiddies and all!

Anonymous said...

oops! that was me! V

sarah said...

I think I just deleted my comment somehow . . .
stupid blogger.

anywho...I said something like holy cuteness and how I wanted
one of those pillows (an Oregon one) and that I love vintagey
state things too and how I'll have to keep an eye out at estate
sales for fun vintagey state things for ya! :)

Colleen said...

i love those freakin pillows and they are just too damn expensive.

why oh why do i have expensive taste

try ebay. sometimes they appear there

Raina_Marie said...

Whoa. Those ARE expensive pillows!! And I bet people do buy them. But no way would they appreciate them half as much as you would. You my friend, you deserve them. All of them.

Jamie said...

Holy eff, those pillows are cool. Not $155 cool, but cool nonetheless. :)