Friday, August 31, 2007


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mikey's 3rd bday party

{sniff sniff}
today my lil man is 8 years old (well not quite yet, at 1:21 pm to be exact). i can't believe how much he has grown. i mean when you start to hear that hannah montanta is "hot", you're baby is not a baby anymore.

i surprised him and took him for donuts this morning after we dropped off bella at daycare.

over donuts and apple juice/coffee, i asked him if he felt eight and he said yes. i asked him if he felt older and he said yes.

in a bit i'm off to bring cupcakes to his class and surprise him again by letting him do an early check out.

{sniff sniff}

my baby ain't a baby no more.

happy birthday bug, i love you more than candy :)
and quit growin' up will ya.

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this a.m. for bday donuts

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


....everyone's lives on the mississippi gulf coast were turned upside down.

i still drive down hwy 90 and see slabs where restaurants, hotels, and homes used to be.

i still see fema trailer parks.

i still sometimes wonder "what used to be there?"

for those that haven't been reading long, you can go here, here, and here to read a little about what we went thru.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


i have an awesome annoucement to make.

the ever fabulous noel from noel mignon asked lil ol me if i would be a guest designer for her store!!!!!

i am beside myself and completely flattered that she asked me.

if you've never been to noel mignon or to her challenge site, noel mignon challenges then you MUST check it out.

and noel has some exciting news coming up too!

she's offering the first ever fab-boo kit and lemme go on and tell ya, i've seen some of the products that she is putting in there and lemme go on tell ya, they rawk my socks off. i'm so excited to get my hands on it, i can't even stand myself.

so be sure to check back here for more information, more sneek peeks of the kit, and more information on when the kit is going on sale. you don't wanna miss this girls!

and if i didn't have your interest peaked already, then this should do it.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007


okay, first lemme say, thanks for all the hair love. i am soooo in love with this cut, i really can't even stop looking at myself in the mirror. especially when there is a clip in it. supa cute!!!

okay, well considering that there isn't anything too too exciting, i'm going to just post a buncha mish mush.

first this weekend!

*finally finished up the bday invites for the kids bday that is in exactly one week. yeah, i know.
*did the following journal page for this is me journal. oh wait!!! i haven't started from the beginning have i? i signed up for this fab-boo challenge and am just excited over the whole thing. and it helps that two mississippi girls are running' the show ;) i can't believe that i have kept up with it and its uber fun. if you wanna join, there is still time. as a matter of fact, there is no time limit b/c the journal is about YOU!!!

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my cover

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first page-you had to scrap your honest opinions (these were just a few for that day)

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this is the one i worked on friday night.

challenges are posted every monday and thursday. get on it girls.

*then i turned on some murder she wrote and hit the hay!


*got up early and went to cvs to get some deals. here's my bounty:
**4 big bags of starbursts (for the kids' pinata and myself ;)
**5 twelve packs of pepsi products
**the new martha stewart every day food
**2 packs of reeses peanut butter cups (had to buy these to make my total a certain amount)
**3 packs of these cute lil animal clip things for scrapping
**1 tube of arm and hammer toothpaste

total: $0.88

that's right folks 88 cents!!!
plus i got a dollar easy buck for my next visit.
seriously, cvs is fab.

*then i went to the grocery store to stock up on some things. haven't been in so long since i'm pretty stocked up anyway. you'd think i had gotten some things for the party next week but i didn't. glad i didnt' b/c when i got home, i discovered i had more than enough hotdogs. so all i really need to get is some chips and buns. but anyway, at super walmart i saved $50 in coupons!!!! and thats a lot considering that walmart doesn't double coupons or take internet coupons (rat bastards!!!) the checkout lady was uber impressed. so was i if i do say so myself.

*while i was gone, mike was supposed to take mikey and bella to the boyscout store to get mikey's handbook and some of his uniform. oh didn't i mention that we signed mikey up for boyscouts? oops!!! anyway, when i got home, they were still there and michael was like "i thought you wouldn't be home till five something". mind you it wasn't even noon. that was his way of saying "i know i shoulda already left, but i figured you'd be gone longer so i haven't yet". so we decided that we would go out to eat, take separate cars that way when we were done, he'd take the kids with him, and i'd go run some errands by myself.

gotta love that man!
he'll take two kiddos with him shopping any day (which he ended up regretting since apparently bella stood in line, fartin' herself away, and then announcing it to the people in line behind them....lmao...i found this story funny. michael, however did not!).

so anyway, we go to applebees and we sit in the smoking section b/c of the fact that it was less crowded. there was really only one guy smoking so i figured it would be no biggie. we ordered and noticed that at the table with the guy smoking, they were eating the biggest dessert ever! boy it looked good.

while we were eating, the man got up and paid, which i thought was odd considering that the waitress usually takes your moola. well as he walked by, he stopped by our table and said the following:

"i just wanted to say how well behaved your children are. its nice to sit down and not listen to them yelling, throwing food, and other shit {note: yes, he said shit}.
so b/c they are so well behaved, i bought them dessert".

my mouth was to the floor and my eyes are watering even as i type this. i can't believe some random stranger bought our kids dessert. it made me feel so proud of the kids and made me feel that maybe i am doing something right with the kids. b/c i know EXACTLY what this man is talking about b/c i can't stand that kind of behavior myself.

now the kiddos already knew what they wanted, but we had to explain to them that whatever the waitress brought out, they were not to complain and there were going to eat it.

this is what the waitress brought out
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two brownies, two scoops of icecream, and b/c it was four the kids, mounds and mounds of whipped cream. oh and it came with four spoons.

i seriously think that was the best dessert i have ever eaten!!!

*after that, the kids and michael went their way and i went to old navy. ya see, since i am a stress eater, i've gained a few pounds. well maybe more than a few, but who's counting. okay, who am i kidding, i'm counting. anyway, i'm very upset about it and when it comes time to get dressed in the a.m., it usually includes a mini breakdown b/c a lot of my things don't fit. so i figured i'd go to old navy and see if i could find a couple of things.

boy did i hit the motherload. not only did pretty much everything i buy look good (and look good with this new do), but i got some great deals. i'll spare ya the details on that unless you're really curious. okay, what the hell.
**pair of jeans
**2 pairs of pants
**pair of goucho style pants (i think these were 97 cents)
**skirt (1.97)
**shirt (2.97)
**tank top (free b/c of jeans purchase)
**3 dresses
**tank top
**long sleeved shirt
**2 pairs of shoes

total: $140.xx

i didn't think that was bad at all.

*once i got home, i took a nap. i think i could get used to taking afternoon naps.
*watched wild hogs and zodiac. both very good.



so that was my weekend. this week is going to be just as busy and i dread it. i'm ready for relaxation.

hope ya'll had a fab weekend and hop that this week is fab too!!


oh, and i almost forgot. i was tagged by the lover-ly mary ann. this is a good one!

Here are the rules: 1. You have to post these rules before you give the facts. 2. Players, must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of their middle name. If you don't have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. 3. At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.

my middle name is marie.

here we go:

m: MOVING! we moved a lot when i was little. i've lived in 5 states, 9 or 10 cities, attended 12 {i think} different schools. i don't know if i can even count all the different houses. even though i don't want my kids to move around a lot b/c i think its cool that people here have known people since they were in kindergarten, i think i've learned a lot from all those moves. even if i still have "new kid" syndrome ;)

a: ART! i've loved art since i was little. i'll never forget a picasso art project we did in fifth or sixth grade where we did an abstract using cardboard. it was simply fabulous and i wish i still had it. all thru highschool i took art classes. a lil disappointed in myself though b/c i think i coulda went further with it. i held back a lot for fear of what others would think. in my senior year of highschool, i took 5 art classes. that was where i sold my first "piece".

r: READING! i love to read. i have always loved to read. due to moving so much (see letter "m"), i would spend, hours upon hours in my room reading. i think this drove my mom nuts but i would get up in the a.m. open a book, read it until i finished it, start another one and not go to sleep till the wee hours of the morning. damn i miss that!

i: INTUITIVE! i am very, very intuitive. i think it has something to do with me being a pisces, but i could be wrong. i can usually predict things before they happen, and know a lot of times what someone is going to say before they say it. its weird. sometimes i let on that i know, sometimes i don't. usually it only hits me at certain times. its weird but i love it.

e: ENTERTAIN! i love to entertain and don't do it often enough. i love to plan the party, have everything be themed, cook all the food, and blah blah. the only thing i don't like is the socializing even though they are people that i have invited, it can still make me nervous. if its a small group, i'm usually okay, but a larger group i have a problem with. damndest thing!

okay, now that ya'll think i'm more of a nut than you did before, i get to tag a few of ya'll.

i'll tag.....

greta and bitch, you're middle name is not mitchell!!!!

if anyone else wants to do it, leave me a comment and let me know you did.
b/c i'm nosey like that!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


got a new 'do which i absolutely love. i can't wait to play with it in the a.m. hard to tell in these pics b/c sometimes me and the mirror don't have a good relationship when it comes to photoshoots!

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the front

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the side

the style is called the beckham apparently and its about an inch long in the back (if that) and of course as you can see the sides come down in chunky layers in the front.

love it!

the hair is been driving me crazy since i was due for a cut about three weeks ago.
i can't wait to get some wax and clips in it. i've been wanting a pixie for about a month now, but didn't think i would look in that. i'm going to play with this for six weeks and see if i want the sides to be any shorter.

so whatchya think?

Monday, August 20, 2007


big news!
check this out!
i am soooo friggin' honored and so friggin' excited about this i can hardly stand it.

big love to all the eves :)

Monday, August 13, 2007


happy eight years to the man that i love more than 8 years ago today.
here's to another 80 more.

and hey, baby, we're celebrating it in our true fashion. ya know, the way our marriage has been for the past 8 years. its what makes us "the manna's".

you're sick in bed with what i had but with a temperature.
my car broke down this a.m. which means $CHA-CHING$
the hot water heater still does not work.
and what else....

i love you baby.
i love you more than candy.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


oh my lord.
since thursday either my ass or my face has been in the toilet.
friday, i thought i was going to die. hell dying may have felt better.
i'm just now beginning to feel a lil like a human.
here's hoping i'm better by tomorrow b/c i MUST go to work.
but now michael is sick.
i better break out the lysol b/c i can't bear to have another weekend ruined.
i've got family coming in in three weeks and the kiddos' bday party to plan for.
oy vay!
i better go lay down now.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


i know this post is going to make some of you *very* happy....especially my inlaws ;)

my house is still in a state of complete disarray and i don't wanna post pictures of a mess. so this post is going to be devoted to the two rooms that are the most complete.....the KIDS ROOMS!!!

i am so thrilled with their rooms, i'm a lil jealous. each room i think represent each child and they enjoy hanging out in there. they hardly have any toys in there aside from books and we made the decision that in this house, they were not going to have tellies in their rooms. we have a play room that houses toys and a tellie so i wanted to make sure their rooms were theirs. a place they could go to read or just be by themselves. b/c i can certainly understand just wanting to be alone. i've always been like that and i think it is very important to have your own space. i guess that comes from having two little pesky brothers and wanting my own space.

i swore i wasn't going to do themes in the kiddos' rooms b/c they outgrow them so much but when we were at rooms to go and saw the pirate furniture i knew i had to get i for mikey. when he grows outta the phase, then he can have a nautical room.

beware of the horrible pictures...we have *amazing* sunlight that comes thru the windows that makes for horrible shots :)

oh and their rooms aren't 100% complete, bella needs a bookshelf, mikey needs a fab/old table and a lil chair for his reading nook!

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the entry wall to mikey's room

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his end table

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end table goodies. thrills me to no end that he has a word search book on his nightstand :) box holding goodies i got thrifting and the lantern at a garage sale. wooden cigar box is currently holding mikey's new rock collection.

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this fabulous piece MICHAEL spotted while we were thrifting a couple of weeks ago. yes, i have the most *amazing* hubby who lets me drag him into thrift stores, antique shops, and garage sales. he acts like he doesn't like it, but i think he secretly does. damn i love that man.

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mikey's bed which is simply the best and this pic is complete shit and doesn't do it justice.

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the footer of his bed. when he grows up, we can switch the map part around for a solid wood piece.

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closet doors. do you see that skull up there. an amazing (yet slightly expensive) find at an antique store believe it or not. on his closet door hangs the lil saint medallion my grandparents sent him when he was born.

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mikey loves this piece and it couldn't be more perfect

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shelf i thieved from mom's garage (well i didn't steal it, me and her thought it was perfect so she said i could have it). pirate ship is a bank mom got for him on one of our most hilarious garage sale-in' trips and lantern is from thrift store. sconces outside of closet doors also got thrifting and plan on burning some candles and sticking them in there for an old pirate ship effect.

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mikey's favorite piece, the lockers. now i got these at an antique store before i bought the pirate stuff. so when i saw the pirate stuff these def. popped in my mind b/c i thought they wouldn't match. well when me and michael find a minute, we are going to spray paint them a darker brown and sand em a lil to give them a worn look. mikey said that davy jones (on pirates of the carribean) had lockers or something, so i guess it will i also am going to make old looking labels or numbers to put on the lockers. these lockers serve as his dresser and a place to put all his treasures.

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goodies on the top of his lockers. pirate ship tin came from a garage sale, pirate hat we got him at disney two summers ago, globe was given to mom who gave it to him, and lil jar i scooped up thrifting.

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for those that remember, mikey's room originally had a plane light in it. this was pre pirate stuff. so michael took that light down and i found this perfect ceiling fan at lowe's. when you turn the light out, it puts this amazing wavy image on the walls that look like water.

well that was mikey's room....on to miss bella boo.

when i had bella, her nursery was very shabby chic. i loved the look. didn't want something too fancy, but def. wanted it girly and it def. had to have vintage pieces in it.

so i knew that i wanted her room at this house to be the same.

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oh bella boo's dresser. i spotted this beauty in a booth at an antique store the day i bought her bed. i was kinda talked outta it b/c the condition of it wasn't great. the drawers need something in them to make them move just a lil smoother. it was on sale though from $145 to $95. well, i'll keep looking i thought. well i kept looking and didn't find anything. when i went to go back and get it wasn't in that booth anymore. upon walking around some more, i noticed it in another booth. repainted and these drawer pulls on it and of course more expensive....$125. i was crushed. first it was more moola and it was repainted. the first time i saw it it was still white, but shabby. so after looking a few more weeks, i thought fark it, i'm getting it. so we all stopped in the antique store and there it was. ON SALE FOR $75. SOLD!!!!!! i guess it pays to wait. i don't know if i am going to replace the drawer pulls or not. they are start to warm me over.

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the windows (bad picture) with the carasol (sp?) horse my mom made for bella.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
bella's fab bed!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
bedding came from target

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
her light which i absolutely love and got from lowes

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
her end table which i got at the same antique store that i keep mentioning. i love that place. when me and michael bought that table and brought it to the front, he kept looking at it. ya see, there is a country blue paint that is barely peeking thru at some points that the paint is chipped. i knew what he was thinking. he wanted to repaint it. i told him hell no. the gals that worked there were on my side of course ;) oh and the box underneath houses her bobbsey twins books which i cannot wait to get on a shelf.

so that's it my dears. the first two rooms that are almost complete. they both need a few more pieces and then they will be done. i'm proud of the kids for keeping their rooms very clean.

hopefully i'll have more to share soon. i'm hoping to go garage sale-in' this weekend to pick up some pieces that i need. aimee if you're reading and ya wanna go, gimme a call :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007


good morning sunshine has finally been updated with a few goodies!!!

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and be on the look out for more to come. since i am busting at the seams in my new craft room, you'll find vintage buttons, yards of fabric and ribbon, papers, and all sorts of other lover-lies being added soon :)