Friday, October 06, 2006


this is my theme for this week's installment of "random facts friday". i toyed around with two, but i will save the other one for next friday.

here we go....

{1} i'm a pisces. i know i've mentioned it before, but i don't know with those posts if you can see how much i love being a pisces. everything about it. i don't care if i walk around with rose colored glasses all the time and can't see the truth for what it is. i don't care that i am one moody bitch. i don't care that i have an addictive personality. i don't care that i love "love" so much that it fucks me up. i don't care that i daydream most of the day away. i just love being a pisces.

{2} and if you couldn't tell from {1} i'm hooked on astrology. i believe it. all of it. i really started getting in to it when i was in highschool. that is when the madness began. i started buying book after book on it. most of the books had to deal with love or sex, but i couldn't get enough. i think there is a lot of truth behind it. a lot of people will say that they are so generic that they fit everyone....oh but i disagree. mike (and greta) are geminis. they both fit it to a "T". my boss is a leo...boy is he a leo. one day i hope to know about all the signs. that way when i find out what someone's bday is, i'll know a lil bit more about them. i keep saying that i am going to find out what the majority is in the officers that i work with. could it be that most police officers are born under the same sign? hmmm.....will have to work on that.

{3} along with astrology, i belive in fate and karma. i believe that everything happens for a reason. i believe that people walk into your life for a reason. i mean have you ever became close with someone that three, five, or hell, even ten years ago you never in your wildest dreams would have thought that you would have had some type of relationship with. that you would depend on this person. that this person would become important to you. take greta. when she first started at the pd, i had no idea that one day she would be my everything. the fate gods definately knew what they were doing.

{4} onto the magic. yes, i believe in magic. i don't wanna know the magicians secrets. and if you tell me that david blane is a hoax, i'll kick your ass. ya know the movie "carrie"? okay, now don't laugh, but i can't tell you how many times i have sat and stared at something in hopes that i could move it. 'member that movie with sandra bullock and nicole kidman where they are sisters who also happen to be witches? do yo know how hooked i am on that movie and how i wish i had those powers. hell, i even love "hocus pocus". i wanted to read up on wicca at one time, but that wouldn't go over too well with my straight-laced hubby so i put that thought away.

{5} if you didn't dismiss me as a wack-a-doo after number {2} and are still reading, then you have probably figured out that i believe in psychic powers. now do ya think i'm a wack-a-doo???? lol...i've had my cards read before and loved it. hell, i even own a set of tarot cards. haven't played with them too much though. but i do believe that there are people out there that have a sixth sense. that can see things and even predict things. i tend to think i have a sixth sense. i usually know what people are going to say before they say it, i can be listening to the radio, think of a song i wanna hear, and then it comes on (and i don't listen to new stuff that they play every five minutes...i'm a classic rocker so you never know what is going to come on), i can usually sense if i am doing something that i know i'm going to regret (well not all the time right greta ;) maybe its just good intuition, but i like to think i'm a lil magical ;)

{6} i also believe in: horse shoes and four leaf clovers as good luck charms, magic 8 balls, wishing on stars, blowing out candles, wishbones, and coins thrown into fountains, picking pennies up off the ground.

so what do you believe in???


SpAzzGiRL said...

I am extremely superstitious, if a cat crosses my path I am turning around and going in the other direction! I don't believe in too much of that astrology, more birth order theories and stuff like that.
My bday is January 25th, does it fit me to a T?

Jennifer said...

Hey, Girl - You know if our mutual horoscope said to stay in bed and don't leave the house one day, I'd do it. Not so sure about magic...but psychic powers, yes - and it is not always the folks that claim to be mind readers. I also believe in ghosts. My "out there" belief is that I claim to be able to feel energy from my surroundings. One house I lived at my senior year in college, the energy was very volatile, and it would change from week to week. Sometimes you would feel very happy and comforted there, and other times you would feel like you were intruding, and feel like something bad was going to happen. I thought it was just me and my own volatile emotions, but my roommate, a guy who is not into this kind of stuff brought it up one night, that he got the same feeling. We never did any research to find out what the house's past was, but got out of there as soon as our lease was up. Now I am really sensitive to the feeling I get from houses and the like. Luckily the place we are in now, even though it is 70 years old, just has a neutral energy.

beki said...

I don't think you're a wack-a-doo. I believe in a lot of that stuff too.

claudine said...

I am a Taurus and I could be the poster child for it. I am SUPER stubborn, bit of a control freak, short tempered, self indulgent but also loyal, dependable, domestic, determined and artistic. I love that you believe in magic and karma. We all need to believe in something. I wish I still believed in Santa :)

andrea said...

I belive in John Edwards, in astrology, that you can make your own magic, in fate, in karma and I'm a Cancer. Now you know me and we can be wack a doos together!

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Anonymous said...

Hm. I switched my blog to the beta blog and now I can't post a comment.

Anyway, I originally wrote that I believe in magic and wood sprite and fairies (just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there). I believe the human mind is incredible, and most people don't tap their potential, but some people know how to access different sections, like being psychic, being able to move things with their minds or picking up different vibes and energy levels. I am a cancer and it fits me perfectly, my bf is a textbook gemini, but my dad is a gemini who couldn't be less like that sign, so I guess I believe it is true for most people. And I believe in making wishes on the first star, 11:11, birthday candles. And I definitely believe people and things come into your life for a reason.