Friday, September 29, 2006


thank goodness that andrea reminded me about this or i would have forgotten.

however, i would have blamed that on that fact that i am home sick today. i should be in mobile, alabama with mikey watching disney on ice right now.

but i'm not. {sniff sniff}

okay, on to the facts....this friday's session is going to have to do with candy. i'm a big candy whore and love, love, love candy.

{1}. i don't like grape candy (i.e. jolly ranchers, blow pops, suckers, hard candy, etc). However, my favorite tootsie pop is the one with the blue wrapper. has been that way since i was little. i just recently found out that it was grape. i always have referred to them as the "blue" one's.

{2}. i think a box of russell stover truffles (the white box) is better then sex. seriously!!!!!

{3}. as a kid, i always spent extra money on candy. me and my bro's would raid the piggy banks when mom was at work and then walk to the local convenient store and by whatever candy we could. trips to the mall as a tween (and hell, even teenager) would include a trip to the candy store where i could buy a bag filled with gummy goodness.

{4}. i prefer more fruity candy over chocolate. now yes, i love, love, love my truffles, but you'll usually see me eating a box of dots, sour gummy worms, skittles, startbursts, twizzlers, etc.

{5}. i love walking down the candy aisle at stores. the dollar store is my favorite b/c they have all sorts of strange/new candies and i have to resist the temptation to keep from buying bags and bags. its hard.

{6}. i'd love to learn how to make candy. i need to have my mom show me how to make her chocolate covered cherries. yum!!!!

{7}. this is partially why halloween is my favorite holiday. all the candy.

if you too are a candy junkie, be sure to check out this blog. plenty of candy goodness there.

too bad i'm sick today, b/c i could really go for some twizzlers right now :)


SpAzzGiRL said...

I am a candy fanatic and I have the cavities to prove it!!

Josie said...

Another candy fanatic..thanks for posting that blog!

Colleen said...

i used to use my allowance for candy too and me and my friend from across the street would walk up to the corner convenience store and go crazy!!!

andrea said...

bummer you are sick :(

i *heart* choc covered cherries too!! You must pass on the recipe from your Mom when you get a chance, I never would have thought to make them at home!

Kelly said...

I'm a gummy worm/swedish fish girl, they are my faves. Don't crave chocolate candy much, but can't pass up the gummies. Although chocolate covered cherries are yummy too :)

Feel better!

Gillian said...

I love a post about CANDY! Now I need to try Stover's white candy... for those lonely nights when Dan is gone! lol

claudine said...

Hope you are feeling better. When I was little my family had a ice cream parlor and in the back of the storeroom was shelves and shelves of candy in bulk boxes. When I was about 8 I filled my backpack with crayons, swedish fish and those candy dots that are on paper and thought I would run away. I made it a block and a half because I had to stop for a candy break and my mom found me....:)

Raina_Marie said...

whoa, that's a whole lotta candy facts.

beki said...

Ooo, I LOVE candy too. I'll take fruity things ove rchocolate any day. Hmm, and I wonder why I can't manage to lose any weight?