Monday, October 29, 2007


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why is it that you have good intentions to take a ton of pictures at a party and then you get a couple....errr....6 coronas in your hands and you forget?!?!?!?

this of course is michael and i dressed up like columbo and j.b. fletcher. ya'll know how much i adore ms. fletcher!!!

i think our costumes were quite sucessful if i do say so myself!!!!

we had oodles of fun and were in great company. i wish i had more pics to show, but again, the beer came into play.

the food was yummy too! we had chili, sliced "bones", boogers on a stick (well i didn't eat any of those ;), kitty litter cake, cheese n crackers, and fingers dipped in a yummy sauce.

hopefully greta got pics of the yumminess :)

so another sucessful party is behind us and i'm already thinking of next year. i think we are going to be the flinstones and greta and her hubby are going to be the rubbles.


Greta said...

okay i do have pics of the kitty litter cake...boogers on a stick and the strained eyeballs...other than that i think i forgot to take pics of the whole set up together

noelmignon said...

LOL!! JB Fletcher...that's hillarious!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you guys look sooooo awesome ! Parties like that are so much fun, hope you had a blast ! And i bet everyone there knew what brads were ! lol ....

Crafty Connie said...

You guys look great! I'm sure you guys had a great time!

Kate Hagelin said...

You crack my ass up - love that dress. Is that what you normally wear to work? Bugers on a stick - that's what my daughter has for daily snacks (not kidding). Makes me wish I was going to a costume party this year...oh well!

Kristi *sweet* Sauer said...

Fun! Gonna check out Greta's pics!

Josie said...

so much fun
i have to come visit you both!
love the costumes!!!

Anna M-W said...

Great pics!