Monday, October 08, 2007


*spent two hours friday night, while watching murder she wrote and the kids were sleeping and michael was working, going through expired coupons, filing them, making a grocery list, and finding the coupons for the goodies on my list. this was quite a thrill and it felt so good to get rid of that walmart bag full of expires (yes, i said a walmart bag).

*friday afternoon me and the kiddos picked some blacked-eyed susans from the yard (one of my faves).


*stopped by big lots to pick up a few packs of the american crafts slick writers that they have for $2...whoo*hoo!

*did my grocery shopping thank goodness b/c it was beginning to look like ol mother hubbard's kitchen at my house and my cat was about to starve to

*of course used coupons on deals and pretty much saved about $60

*worked on my halloween swap package. i don't wanna give it up :)

*did two three lo's that i'm super excited about how they turned out (stay tuned).


*watched a ton of episodes of the office on netflix. thank you so friggin' much simone for letting me know i could watch them there. i have been hooked in front of the computer most of the weekend catching up. i'm not a coupla episodes into season 3.

*baked three loaves of banana bread

*talked to simone for almost two hours ;)

*made homemade spaghetti sauce

*also made pork bracciole which was delish

*started to reorganize and rearrange the craft room. i swear one of these days ya'll will see pics of it.

*and the saddest thing of all.......

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...mikey went on his first sleepover at a friend's house {pouts out lip}. my lil bug is growing up. he was so excited to get outta the house that he didn't even come in and tell me goodbye when he left (believe you me, big michael paid the price for that for not telling mikey to come in and tell me goodbye). i pick mikey up after i get off of work and i hope he had a blast.

not sure if i left anything out, but that was pretty much my weekend.


Jen said...

Thank you so much for the heads up on the tickets. I hope I will be able to get my hands on some too.

Anna M-W said... make me tired just reading your post! Sounds like you got a ton done, though.

I spent an awesome weekend with Tim Holtz. I love him. He is amazing!

noelmignon said...

wow...what a weekend! Awww...the first sleepover! So sweet, but I know what you mean...he's growing up!

andrea said...

wow, that was quite a productive weekend there lady! i was sad too for alex's first sleepover :( but got over it after a couple :)

Claire said...

wow! you are super mom!

Josie said...

sounds like a great weekend
i haven't thought about murder she wrote in forever...i used to watch it all the time
finally got to meet simone..she is hilarous!

Kate Hagelin said...

Glad you're up and bloggin again girl. You're a crazy-coupon-freak! I just can't keep up - I save 'em, keep piles and then they expire. Oh well. I'm going to mail my swap off today - I'll have to photograph my homemade number first...ta ta!