Thursday, November 01, 2007


well another year of trick or treating is now behind us and i must say i'm kinda happy about it.


don't get me wrong, i love, love, love halloween (despite the fact that my decorations this year consisted of a candlabra and bent bone candles b/c i left them in my car too things have been majorly crazy and i have been non stop every weekend since....well...i don't know how long.

so i welcome today, the first of november with open arms b/c it feels fresh and i feel free.

okay, enough of that babble, onto to the pics right.

well remember i mentioned that mikey was going to be elvis. how the hell he knows who elvis is is beyond me, but he has been excited about this since he discovered what he wanted to be.

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"thank ya. thank ya very much"

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"happ-ay. happ-ay halloween".

these of course were things he said he was going to say during trick or treating, but i guess he chickened out. have to say the boy takes after me :)

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my beautiful lil butterfly.

even though i didn't realize until the night before halloween that we had thrown out her butterfly wings that she did have and also realized that neither one of my kids had shoes for their costumes, that was all quickly put to rest after a trip to walmart yesterday at lunch.

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the kiddo's with melana and mason getting some loot from maw-maw.

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me and the hubbers while walking the street.

mikey already has his candy in his secret stash which is located some where in his i'm totally okay with this b/c i don't agree with taking all the candy and putting it in one bowl for everyone to take from. c'mon i know how it feels. mikey worked hard for his candy. its his. i guess i feel this way b/c that's how i was...hell that's how i still

on a side note, i must share a recent obsession.
and an obsession it is. quite frankly i can't believe that i am taking time away from it to blog.

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this beautiful book is currently being devoured by your's truly at ground breaking speed. there's actually a funny story about this.

two weekends ago while we were at barnes and noble, i noticed this book in a stack. i was completely drawn (and i mean drawn) to the cover. look at how beautiful it is. so anyway, it was over in the entrance to the kid section and i thought nothing of it. i read the flap and read the preface and thought, this looks good. turned it over to read the back and noticed that teen people said it was a "hot list" pick.


a book this beautiful for teenagers. it can't be. i can't get it. i turned it over and over in my hands and even talked to michael about it and then put it down. i did however return to it again and fondle it even more and put it down.

we left barnes and noble without the book in my hand.

then a few days ago i stumbled on this happy lil place and noticed she had mentioned the book too! so i thought well if someone my age thinks its great then maybe i had a bad opinion about it.

so while i was picking up shoes and butterfly wings at walmart i picked it up.

ummm...can you say pure addiction?

if you guys are still reading at this point, which i would be surprised if you did b/c you prolly think i have completely lost it by now, this book is really, really, really good! its not teen-bopper-y at all. you'd never guess that they were teenagers by the way they speak.

but yeah, i can't put it down.
as a matter of fact, i'm ending this post just to pick it up again.

hope everyone had a happay, happay halloween {said in my best elvis voice}


*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

dude! i did the same thing at b&n when i first saw that! the photo of that book does not do it justice at all. so i also saw that people were gushing about it, even the bn employees (guys too!) were raving about it!

so yeah, i sped thru it and also the other two in the series. also with amazing cover art! you're in big trouble! ;)

there's even a special chapter she's written from edward's point of view! i'll get the link for ya!

cute costumes! looks like you guys had fun!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

here's the link:

then scroll down to the bottom of the page, and there's a link to the extra chapter.

i'd recommend reading it after you're done with twilight though.

Crafty Connie said...

The kids look great! Your son has the Elvis pose down pat. Cute pic of you and your hubby. Save that one and scrap it.

Kate Hagelin said...

several things...

1. that book is all over SIS - has been for months - check out the many threads. I haven't read it but there's people over there talking it up all the time. YOu're not alone.

2. Your kids look cute. My friend's son did Elvis a few years back but he was 18M at the time. Tee hee. And your butterfly is precious.

3. We do the communal candy bowl at my house. And my husband will have 75% of it GONE by tomorrow (I am not kiding either).

4. And thank goodness October is over. I'm tearing down the orange and black today - HAD ENOUGH!! SEriously !!

SpAzzGiRL said...

We don't do the community candy either but we have a rule, if it ain't eaten by Thanksgiving, it's garbage.
Love the kiddos, that elvis is great!
Can't do the teen thing in any form, tv, books, movies...bleh!

sarah said...

CUTE costumes...
elvis - how fun!
and a sweet little butterfly!

eclipse huh?
i might need to read it.

Greta said...

hurry up already and finish the book so i can "skim" it..bwhahahaha

that pic with maw maw in it is cracking my ass was like 70 degrees and she is dressed for 40 degrees....{sheesh}

Kristi *sweet* Sauer said...

Cute costumes and who cares if the book is geared toward teens...good books are good books.

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest elvis i have ever seen !!!! and the butterfly is pretty darn cute too ! And so funny, everyone is loving these Stephanie Meyers books ! Another friend of mine Julee spoke of them and my DD has all 3 , my friend Jen just borrowed one from her, i think i may just have to grab the first one and start reading ! Have a great weekend ! I just noticed you are on Noel's DT , i am new to her board and just ordered her kit ,but i have a few friends that have been on there from the start, and Ashley from your DT is on another site with me , such a small scrappy circle ! It all meets up somewhere down the line ! have a great one !

noelmignon said...

Awww..the kids look great! I'll have to pick that book up, after I finish the 245 I have piled up in my "to read"!

Have a great weekend!

noelmignon said...

oh yeah...and I tagged you on my blog...hehe.

Anna M-W said...

I must read that book. I have this strange obsession with vampires, especially after watching hottie Stuart Townsend in "Queen of the Damned".

Cheryl Wray said...

That book is SO good!!!!!! I finished it last week and am desperately wanting to get the next two!!!

LOVE the pics. Elvis cracks me up!! Too cute!!