Thursday, November 29, 2007


*my exceptionally fabulously good mood today (hence the list)

*wearing my comfy jeans at work

*being told I look like a rock star today. Now this came from my kare*bear who doesn’t have a lick of sense, but I’m accepting the compliment anyway. I think it’s the glasses.

*my yummy cuppa coffee I’m currently drinking and the brownie I’m about ready to break out

*a co-worker who calls me “sunshine”

*getting along really, really well with a co-worker I’m up and down with

*not feeling sleepy

*the brown and yellow bangles I’m wearing today

*feeling inspired

*the Chinese food leftovers I made the other night that are waiting for me to gobble them up for lunch

*the homemade turkey pot pie I made last night (first time I’ve attempted that). delish!!!

*the homemade caramel corn I made for a treat that is like crack!

*even though I’m stressing over all the holiday gifts and Christmas cards to make, I can’t wait to get knee deep in making them

*tomorrow’s Friday

*we’re finally getting a target!!!

*the uber closeness that I have been feeling with bella lately

*excellent bloggin’ buddies

*cooler weather

*a well stocked fridge and two freezers (yes, I’m a freak like that)

*excellent blogs

What’s making you happy today?


Claire said...

that's a good list!

sarah said...

i'm happy you're happy . . .
and that it's almost lunchtime.


Greta said...

bah fuckin humbug!


Kate Hagelin said...

I'm happy that you blogged -- tired of that 11/16 post!!!

I'm glad that I made a to do list today and got half of it done and it's 2pm - still have a bit of time to finish.

Also super glad that both of my crankster babies are SLEEPING....good naps for both which means the rest of my afternoon will be better than usual!!!

Kristi *sweet* Sauer said...

Do you mean to tell me that you are now JUST getting a Target?? What on earth did you do before???? Target is my favorite store EVER!!

-karen (akaliz) said...

ok, i searched for tags on etsy and your shop totally did not come up! i want some of yours!!!

greta and a lady from canade wiped me out. i should have more made and posted by sunday. keep checking. and now i remember where i remember you from (does that make sense?)...UnPubbed! you were a famer.

btw, like your glue gun embellies, but i have never seen colored glue sticks?

noelmignon said...

lets see...what's making me happy today.

1) my chicken tacos for dinner...yum!
2) a lady told me my kids are adorable today.
3) I have been going to the gym like I told myself i would.
4) I went to Bath and Body works and bought some new bubbles baths!
5) We watched the muppet show as a family times!

Juls said...

What made me happy today?...feeling you **smile** when you the read the email I sent to you telling you I sked you a "pedicure" on Sunday at the Spa before our "date"..ha ha ha

Josie said...

yay for jeans and cute bangles
yum to brownies, chinese and caramel corn
and a OMG thank you for target...I want to know how the hell you have survived without a target!??

I am happy for:
yummy hot chocolate
christmas music
today is friday
old navy sweaters
sleeping in tomorrow
dinner and shopping with my mom tonight and tomorrow is our sit on our booties and watch lifetime/hallmark christmas movies day
friends who make me laugh while having the worst day at work

have a great weekend e!!!!

Crafty Connie said...

Love the happy list, hope the remainder of your day was as wonderful as the beginning.

Mary Ann said...

What's making me happy today? Knowing that you and Greta are eaten alive with jealousy at my HUGE ASS vacation;)

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

your list ROCKS! everything on it is awesome!

Heidijayhawk said...

i'm feelin lucky to find your little place in cyberspace! thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

Anonymous said...


Happy for my little saint nick that came saturday

Happy for the Starbucks i got to have today, yummmmmmm

Happy it is the "holidays"

Happy i get to eat turkey again this month !

Happy it is my sons bday this month

Happy i got lots of new Thickers !

Happy that i get to go out tomorrow night with my friend Kelly and pig out at Ruby Tuesday :)


And im glad you are all happy !!!!

Scrappydo said...

That's a cool list! I feel your happiness all the way down our way :)

M said...

I'll add my two...

1. New sweats from Victoria's Secret. So friggin' comfy I cannot stand it.

2. Chocolate dipped pretzels. Rolled in assorted yummy's.

(I more)

3. Peppermint mocha coffee-mate.

M said...

I'll add my two...

1. New sweats from Victoria's Secret. So friggin' comfy I cannot stand it.

2. Chocolate dipped pretzels. Rolled in assorted yummy's.

(I more)

3. Peppermint mocha coffee-mate.

NancyJones said...


Anna M-W said...

I'm with Greta...bah fucking humbug!

Just kidding!