Tuesday, January 01, 2008


pic taken by your's truly on new year's eve night.

i hope everyone had a fabulous and safe new year's eve night and that you're spending the first day of oh*eight feeling relaxed, being a lil lazy, and just enjoying the day!!!

that's on my agenda anyway :)

ya know, oh*seven was a rough year for me...well us. ya know with all the house brew*ha*ha and living at mom's (not living with mom per se, but living in someone else's house and not having my own). so i have been looking forward to oh*eight for well...quite some time.

i'm very excited about this year and i have many hopes for it. its an even numbered year...i tend to like those more. i turn 30 next month (eeeek!), and well, i just have a lot of things that i would like to accomplish this year. i'm not going to say resolutions, b/c who the hell keeps those??

so i am going to call them.....da*da*da*dum.....

my "oh*eight hopes"

and here they are:

*to be more positive. quit being a "glass half empty" kinda gal

*learn more about my camera and take a ton of pics.

*start a family game night and stick to it.

*have a garden this year and produce a bounty of beautiful veggies. have the kiddos be a major part in this with me.

*get rid of my black thumbs....i guess maybe this one should come before the one above ;)

*journal and journal and journal and journal.

*feel relaxed 85% of my time

*climb a rock wall (i need to find one first...i wish we lived in an area to hike, but we don't).

*quit smoking for good!!!!! seriously, this is the one i wanna accomplish the most!

*cook more homemade meals. make the time to do this. i love to cook and i usually do, but i'm usually not prepared and then come home from work and think "what's for dinner?".

*create a menu and stick to it...making my life more calm!

*be and stay organized. if i would just realize the stress this would reduce in my life.

*be more frugal. realize the difference between "wants" and "needs" (even though i really do "need" elsie's jack + abbey line...i really do!)

*use up the goodies in my scrap room. why have it if i don't use it?

*write letters and thank you cards and get them in the mail.

*keep up with birthdays and get stuff out in the mail in a timely manner.

*get my ass off the couch!

*do more crafty*schtuff with the kiddos.

*keep my etsy shop updated with goodies (and hopefully sell something or two :)

*learn more about photoshop

*answer emails immediately

*make more real life friends

*vamp up my sewing skills (or lack there of actually)

*scrap more!!!!

*read, read, read. and start to read some classics.

*keep a cleaning schedule and stick to it so i'm not bombarded with a buncha chores at once.

*i HAVE to go to work everyday so i might as well find something about it i truly enjoy and quit bitching about how i can't be a stay at home mom. start crafting there if neccessary...lol.

*go bowling more often

*take a photography class

*quit being soooo competitive

*start exercising more and watch the junk i eat. i am not going to call it dieting.

*quit putting everything off until "later". i'm such a procrastinator and this has to stop! my life is by no means easier b/c of this. as a matter of fact, something usually comes up "later" and then i'm running around bitching at everyone b/c of my own lateness!!!

well i guess that's a large enough list now to start my oh*eight off with.

what's your "hopes for oh*eight"???



Kristi *sweet* Sauer said...

Happy New Year Elizabeth and family!

B said...

Wow, that is one fabulous pic you got of the fireworks last night! I'd say you're well on your way to being an awesome photographer!
I have lots of the same things on my "Hopes for Oh eight" as you do, so here's hoping we all can see our "hopes" come true during the year.
Happy New Year!

Kate said...

Good god girl...think you forgot anything? That's a mighty long list! I wish you all the best in following your hopes!

And thanks for my 2008 notey doodad...I keep meaning to thank you but have not yet:)

Greta said...

ummm yeah that is quite the list!! lol...and umm who the hell needs more real life friends...i'm not enough!! bwahahahahahhahahaha


happy new year

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! I love all your OH EIghts , i have several of the same ones on my list, lol .... i want this to be the year i stick to them too, its gotta be sometime , right ? So why not now !
THAT PHOTO IS FABULOUS !!!!! i love it ! You so have to scrap that !

Aimee said...

there's a rock wall "gym" in slidell. i'll go with you!

Josie said...

Happy 08' girlie. Hope it is fabulous for you!!!!

I can relate to many things on your list!

sarah said...

happy new year elizabeth!!!


Michelle said...

...good luck with your hopes for 08! I'm still thinking about mine...they're so tough to keep that I like to make them few and doable..ya know? anyways, hope you had an awesome new year and all the best to you!

M said...

"make more real life friends"

LOVE THAT one. I am right there with you, I could use a few real friends. Good resolution !

Anna M-W said...

Happy Belated New Year!

I think I am going to "cut and paste" your list because it pretty much sums up what my hopes are too!