Thursday, January 31, 2008


this chick and this chick are flying in next month for my bday!!!!

i'm so super excited i can't even stand it.

and if that wasn't enough this chickie might be coming in too!!!


anyone else wanna fly in?
let me know, you have a free place to stay!


sarah said...

I sincerely wish I could!
Greta asked me about it a couple months ago - but with the trip to Hawaii for my friends wedding I can't afford another trip this year. :(

How fun to have blog buddies come help you celebrate! YAY! :)

Kristi S said...

I wish I gals will have an unforgettable time together!!

SpAzzGiRL said...

Hey...that's me!
Yup, Mississippi will never be the same. I'm gonna need a vacay after this trip. LOL

Vee said...

hi liz!
sorry, was talking about the beer. haven't heard of that brand of ice cream before :)

Kate O'Brien said...

FUN! Sounds like you will have a great time girl!

I turned 30 a few months back. Loving it! :)

noelmignon said...

well....we are working on it!

fingers crossed!!

Josie said...

WE are going to have SOOO much fun celebrating and hanging out. I can't wait..good thing I only have 20 days left..!!!!!

Juls said...

Oh cool...what a great way to celebrate your 30th to have scrappin'-friends to visit and celebrate with you !!!

chelemom said...

Have a great time!!! That town will never be the same!!!