Sunday, April 27, 2008


so today we got up and had a couple of errands to run. we needed to stop at walmart and i knew that i had some awesome coupons to use up and get some great deals!

and indeed i did!!!

wanna guess how much i got all this for???? (exclude the pepcid ac)


c'mon guess!

still guessing??

i got it all for......$4.09

here's how its broken down:

2 boxes of malt-o-meal cereal on sale 2/$2 i used 2/$1 coupons so they were FREE

2 boxes of honey bunches of oats with chocolate on sale for $1.98 i used 2/$2 off coupons so they were FREE

2 boxes of kashi cereal were 2/$5 i used 2/$2 coupons so they were $0.50 a box

3 cans of sizzlin' style baked beans were $1.25 each, i used 3/$1 off coupons so they were $0.25 a can

1 box of scotch brite toilet scrubber kit was originally $4.29 and i had a coupon that made it FREE

2 packages of tea were $1.50 each. the package came with a $0.55 off coupon therefore they were $0.95 each.

2 packages of huggies clean team wipes were $1.72 each. i had a coupon for $3.00 off two making them $0.22 each.

great deals huh????

cereal is a big thing in our house and i have a freezer full of it. i usually get it for next to nothing so i stock up on it when i can.

i had included the pepcid in the picture b/c i had a coupon and will get a rebate on it but it rang up the wrong price so i'm going to have to give them a call or go in next time with my receipt.

most of the coupons that i had used were from the net which is a great source of freebies and coupons.

if anyone is interested on where to go or how i work my magic {wink}, lemme know and i'll do a whole post on it.

if any of you have had any great deals lately i'd love to hear it.


Juls said...

Great deals Elizabeth !!!....I got two sets of coupons from the paper for you today ..XOXO, Mom

beki said...

Awesome!! Um yeah, I want to know your secrets!

Crafty Connie said...

Wowza girl that is some pretty awesome shopping, no wonder you love to grocery shop. I would LOVE to know how you do it cuz I'm all for the coupons for crafty stuff but never really got into the grocery thing. Please help me and be my mentor.
I did have an awesome savings at Michael's yesterday. I had a 25% off EVERYTHING (even sale items) for yesterday between 4pm & 8pm. Once in the store I got another coupon for 50% off one non sale item. I got a rubber stamp that was $12.99 for 1/2 off and then 25% off of of my entire purchase. My over $60 purchase was less that $40 bucks.

Greta Adams said...

your best friend here is going to make you proud by saying...
i remember the coupons (thanks to your tips) and i had 2 coupons for $.50 off of 2 boxes of hamburger helper...well at the commissary the HH is .90 a box so i got 4 boxes of HH for 2.20....yep sista will be eating like a big dog this week....

noelmignon said... are the deal diva!!! :)

Kristi said...

I need to do better with saving money on the little things. Its ridiculous how much we spend on food every month

kim brimhall said...

ohhh cool! u teach me kay!! hope all is well with you lovely!

LisaD said...

that's amazing. I would deffently know how you did it. Also how is the compost going? I want to start one, but just don't know if I would be wasting time and money?

CandiMandi said...

oh my gosh I need to take you shopping with me!!!!

Elizabeth said...

yes please tell me how to good coupons for cereal! I'm only buying for one but it's all I eat some weeks and it adds up.

Delaney Gates said...

Whoa! That is some freakin awesome savings girlie! I love your blog banner by the way... Too cool!

chelemom said...

I used coupons...but have never saved this much! How do you do it? What are your secrets? Share!

Carolyn said...

that is one awesome grocery trip, I would love to know your secrets. Thanks in advance for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I cant even believe how cheap you got that all for !?!?! That is incredible , i need you to come shopping with me ! lol .....
Hope everything is going good !
Have a great week !

Julie (Joypup on SCS) said...

Where in heavens name do you get your coupons?! Are they manufacturer coupons, or what?

Jill Deiling said...

wow youre such a bargain shopper!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, i love yours!! :D

Melissa said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I ran across your blog through Nancy J's blog.
I've just starting my Frugal living plan.. well I'm trying.
You should come over to my blog and check out the cool deal I got today at CVS.

I dream of scrappin said...

Hello first time at your blog and hoping that you will share your shopping creativity with us. That was some amazing shopping!!