Wednesday, April 23, 2008


three posts in a week!
this has got to be a new record {giggle}

since the mojo is flowing, here is the lo i did for the recent noel mignon challenge which is to incoporate fabric on a lo. as most of my faithful and long time readers know, i'm a fabric hoarder.

big time!

so you'd think i woulda used a buncha different pieces right?


but i love the way it turned out. i also mostly used goodies from noel's new treehouse kit which is uhhhh*mazing!

also got a fun email from my buddy karen and i thought instead of emailing it to a buttload of people i would post it here and if you wanna do it, do it. if you don't, don't.

but lemme know if you do b/c i'm nosey like that :)

Hit forward and place an X by all the things you've done and remove the 'X' from the ones you have not. Answer the 30 questions at the end and send it to your friends (including me). This is for your entire life!

Gone on a blind date
Skipped school X
Watched someone die
Been to Mexico X
Been to Canada
Been to Florida X
Been on a plane X
Been lost X
Been on the opposite side of the country X
Gone to Washington , DC
Taken a far drive with the one you love X
Swam in the ocean X
Cried yourself to sleep X
Played cops and robber X
Recently colored with crayons X
Sang Karaoke
Paid for a meal with coins only X
Own a GPS X
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't XXXXXXXXXX
Made prank phone calls (before caller ID) *no but we used to have the payphone numbers to the mall and would call hoping boys would answer and then lie about all our info.
Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose X
Caught a snowflake on your tongue X
Danced in the rain X
Written a letter to Santa Claus X
Been kissed under the mistletoe
Watched the sunrise with someone you care about
Been on vacation with your bf/gf X
Blown bubbles X
Gone ice-skating X
Been skinny dipping outdoors
Gone to the movies X

1. Any nickname? liz, lizzard, lucy, biz, isabelle, olivia, dear, sunshine, and my ultime fave: mommy/mama
2. Mother's Name – julie
3. Favorite drink? this always changes with me....right now i'd love some dr. pepper
4. Tattoo? yes
5. Body Piercings? nothing but ears
6. How much do you love your job? a lot! but if i could stay at home...
7. Birthplace? cincinnati, ohio
8. Favorite vacation spot? to visit each state in our beautiful country
9. Ever been to Africa ? no
10. Ever eaten cookies for dinner? maybe not cookies, but junk food...yes
11. Ever been on TV? yes....the uncle al show when i was five
12. Ever steal any traffic sign? no but my mom has. does that count?
13. Ever been in a car accident? yes. i was the one hit
14. Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4
15. Favorite salad dressing? balsalmic vinegar (the good stuff and w/o oil) or ranch
16. Favorite pie? pumpkin. wait apple. oh wait, cherry. hmm....
17. Favorite number? 8
18. Favorite movie? love "you've got mail" (i think b/c i wanna work in that bookstore)
19. Favorite holiday? halloween
20. Favorite dessert? mmm...could be any number of things. but i usually like a good piece of cake with hot fudge and icecream. or see number #16
21. Favorite food? pizza!
22. Favorite day of the week? friday
23. Favorite brand of body wash? right now i'm using that exotic shit from caress. it was a good deal.
25. Favorite smell? vanilla, lavender, a good smelling man ;)
26. What do you do to relax? read, craft, or scrap
27. How do you see yourself in 10 years? 100% happy
29. Furthest place you will send this message? hmmm...not sure?


Crafty Connie said...

Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. The layout is fabulous!

karen akaliz said...

like the payphone bit...silly girl. can't do that these days. i haven't seen a payphone in i don't know how long!

love the lo! ooh, and i like that exotic shit from caress. the red or the purple one? i just stand there in WM and sniff them each.

sarah said...

love that list...
and love that layout!


noelmignon said...

I really love this LO so much!!

Fun to read all your answers!

Anna M-W said...

Love this email and I will be posting on my blog soon!