Sunday, April 20, 2008



**after i dropped the kiddos off at daycare, i was able to come home and have the house to myself for 2 hours of pure bliss before i had to pre*register bella for kindergarten (sniff sniff).

i wish i could start every day like that.

**once i got to work i worked (ha!!)

**had lunch with friends and on the way backed stopped at the lss to pick up some new bampop.

**shared gummy lifesavers with two of my fave people at work (drew/kerry)

**came home and fixed dinner (yummy homemade french bread pizza)

**michael went in to work for some overtime

**made homemade apple/cinnamon muffins for breakfast the next day

**cleaned out my coupon box

**clipped a buttload more coupons (while watching sex in the city)

**thought about my grocery list and menu for the upcoming week

**fell asleep to murder she wrote (as usual)


**got up early, made my grocery list, had coffee and above muffin and headed to the grocery store (i have mentioned how much i love this right?!? no sarcasm, i'm serious)

**saved almost $50 with coupons and got some items for FREE....whoo*haaa!!!

**b/c of this savings i bought myself "juno" and the kiddos "alvin and the chipmunks"

**used nothing but the reusable bags that walmart sells for my groceries. that felt so awesome!!! i should now have enough to where i don't have to bring home another plastic bag for the rest of my life!!! they were also handing out free ones for earth day. oh and flower cards for the kiddos to plant.

**came home, unloaded everything and off the boys went for hair cuts.

**had to leave to go pick michael up his truck broke down. boy that was an ordeal and required us to go down the street from where his car was (20 minutes from home) to get the right tools. finally it started.

**raced home to head to the ball fields for mikey's baseball practice. they had an extra practice b/c they are still undefeated and they are going to play the toughest team tomorrow night.

**came home, made dinner, and watched it while watching alvin and the chipmunks.

**michael went off for more overtime and the kiddos and i fell asleep watching movies that bella and i had rented earlier in the day.


**got up early and started some chores (grrrrr!)

**mikey and i loaded up our own recycling bins and brought down to the local recycling center. that felt awesome!!!!! we had fun pitching the cans in the holes and throwing the newspapers where they belong. now i have fresh empty cans ready to be filled.

**took the kiddos to go get their pic taken at a local volunteer department from when we donated some moola to them a few months back for a new station. i can't wait to get the pic back next week. i don't have any picks like that of them together.

**spent both lunch and dinner here. we've been spending many meals here before it gets too hot.


**aside from my tomatoes, got the garden ready:



i'm growing: tomatoes, cukes, zucchini, egg plant, carrots, lettuce, red/green peppers. figure i got all the main componants to a salad :)


**added more stuff to my compost bin. got this bad boy at sams a few weekends ago and i'm tickled "green" about it. i just hope that i'm doing everything right and that i get some good compost in the new month or so.


**discovered more blackberries growing on the tree that we got last year that i thought for sure would be dead.


**these are wild berries of some sort. i don't know if they are black or raspberry but i hope they do produce some fruit for us to nosh on.


**another this wheat???? this is in an area where we had a birdfeeder that fell to the ground, so all that seed was planted. i also discovered some sunflowers in this mix and hope that i can dig those up and plant more toward the back of our property.

**michael and mikey planted our lime and lemon trees. if anything produces fruit, i hope its these two bad boys.




**we celebrated fritz's 1st bday!!! it was last sunday and i missed it, so we celebrated this sunday.



**cooked chicken for another dinner this week.

**made spaghetti sauce to jar and freeze for meals in the future.

**grilled out and ate dinner outside....yum*may!!!

**ate some cookies that i made earlier for dessert.

**played a game of candy land with the kiddos

**read em two books

**now i'm bloggin'

see what my weekends are like???

this has been pretty much every weekend for the past two months or more. and this doesn't include the two-four loads of dishes, the 6+ loads of laundry, hitting the net for freebies and coupons, updating my netflix queue, blah blah.

but my weekends have to be like this b/c my weeks look like this....

week of 21-27 april 08

**monday: baseball game

**tuesday: back to the ball field for baseball pictures to be taken

**wednesday: bday party

**thursday: another ball game

**friday: michael works over time

**saturday: bday party in mobile at the mobile bear's

**sunday: chores and get pic that was taken this sunday


hope y'all enjoyed your weekend and got a lot done too (b/c if i'm busy as shit, so the hell should everyone else ;)


Aimee said...

happy birthday fritz! i love that pic of him :)

your "wild" berries are wild dewberries, aka wild blackberries! yummy! i have to try & beat our pushy neighbor & her kid to some in the neighborhood. grrrr. before they moved in the berries were all mine!

sarah said...

aw fritz. he's so CUTE.

I'm tired just from reading about your weekend! whew! that's a lot of stuff packed into a weekend! :)

and I'm SO jealous of your sunshine and warm weather. it snowed here this weekend. SNOWED!!! :(

SpAzzGiRL said...

we had a compost bin when I was a kid and a HUGE garden, I lack the green thumb completely!

Jennifer said...

Hey, girl - Evfen though it's busy, glad you are getting so much time ot spend with the fam!

Happy Birthday, Fritz!

Juls said...

Elizabeth, The garden looks great..I cant wait to come over for a fresh-garden salad !!

Crafty Connie said...

Lovin' the garden pics. Great porch for eating meals!!! I need to check out a compost bin. I've started some green beans from seed. I can't wait to see what happens.

Josie said...

Girl you have been busy!
Love your front porch, love your house
miss not being there
have to come back soon : )

noelmignon said... keep your days pretty packed lady!

Anna M-W said... I never cease to amaze me!