Friday, July 18, 2008


i am officially hooked on minis and spend most of my day daydreaming of all the different minis i wanna make.

so b/c of this, i have made two more in the past week!

the first one is for the current noel mignon challenge. can you believe that i really have never scrapped christmas???

oh the horror!

but as i've mentioned before, i'm more of an "everyday scrapper" and find it hard to scrap events. but not anymore!!!!

(ps...i scanned these so due to the raised embellies on the pages, the color is a lil off)

this mini was made with a bazzill acordian mini that i got when aimee got rid a ton of her stuff :)






almost everything used in this mini came from the fab*boo kits from noel mingon

the next mini was actually inspired when i went downstairs to have lunch with michael and he had this nifty lil card that he got in the mail from the national forensic academy. i had already taken the pictures in the beginning of the year and knew when i saw this that i had to have it. since michael was just going to throw it away, it was mine. i'll have to remember to tell michael never to throw away his mail again ;) on the cover the stickers and mikey's picture are covering up the details for the event that was on the

i did this one last night.

i'm not pleased with every page b/c i think they are lacking in some goodies, but damn, the scrappy industry only makes so many crime scene related

but mikey LOVES it so that is all that matters :)










Sarah said...

Those mini's are so cute!!! Love 'em!!!

Deanna said...

Like WOW! You and Mini Books were meant to be! I am totally casing the Christmas one, love it!

Greta Adams said...

girl..... can you say that CSI one is PERFECT... i don't know what you think is missing but it is perfect and you know i hear thte xmas one...

noelmignon said...

I think you may have just got me on a MINI BOOK crush right now. This will probably be a next project for me!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

WOW E! woweee! ha's nice that your back sharing all this amazing stuff you've been hiding! amazing!!!

aimee said...

those mini are awesome. you may have inspired me to do one!

Juls said...

Elizabeth...The "CSI Mikey" mini is FABULOUS !!!...I love it !!

Melissa said...

oh very cool, the minis are awesome! Glad you're back updating your blog... I've been checking every once in a while.


Aimee said...

i love minis! i used to hate them but now they're my fave thing to do :D

Dana said...

Those christmas ones make me happy and in the mood for a little snow! So pretty my friend :) Dana

Jenn said...

OMG Girl, i LOVE these ! That CSI one is FABULOUS ! I am just like you, more of an everyday scrapper and i have like 10 mini albums that i havent touched yet, i just keep putting it off but i totally thought the same, a good way to scrap events, you inspired me to crack em open !
Hope you are staying cool, its HOT here this weekend !
Jenn :)

Lisa said...

I love your blog, girl you are talented!!! Your layout for SYC is totally rocked that scissor challenge! It's amazing the layouts from this challenge, I think we should be using these scissors more often!

Thanks for taking the challenge!

Glenda T. said...

This mini is amazing!!! All these minis are amazing!! I too am a mini maven and succum to mini madness, ALOT!! haha

Anna M-W said...

Dammit. I am so fucking behind on my blog reading.

Love the minis. So cute. You need to turn those in to get published.

Amy C. said...

Liz, I love the CSI collages! So creative and Mikey looks so cute!