Monday, July 14, 2008


...i suck!

i've been reminded by a few that i haven't blogged in like...well forever. i apologize. a lot going on (again...aren't i always saying that???) and to think that school starts in three weeks...eeek! i'm so looking forward to it though.

anyway, this post is really to kind of just let ya know that i am a live and to post some pics of something that has been keeping me busy.

the ever fab*boo jennifer, the owner of our fabulous lss gave me a bunch of elsie's forrest line to create something that she can teach a class on. as soon as i saw this line months ago, i knew i wanted to do something with the pictures from our boyscout camping trip at the beginning of the year.

so i decided to make a mini.







and these are the insert pages that go in the lil pocket you see above



i'm so thrilled about this mini and now i can officiall say that i'm hooked on minis and spend the day daydreaming about different ones i wanna

i also created this lo for her


and her's some more los i've been working on








so see, i've been busy but i hate when i get this far behind but oh well. i'm not making any more promises to update every day b/c every time i do, well shit, i don't.


Anna M-W said...

Why yes, you do suck! I have missed you!

But I still love you!

Love the LOs but the Halloween one makes me sad.

I will send you an email so we can ramble more.

Love you! XOXOX

Siany said...

WOW!! They look so fabulous!! Awesome mini and i really really love your layouts :)
PS I 'awarded' you on my blog :)jk

Kristi said...

Nice to see you again, E! LOL. Love all your projects and banner :)

Crafty Connie said...

You have been busy with the mini and all those layouts. Glad to see you back and sharing all of your creations.

Anonymous said...

oooh super cute mini! love how well that line looks with camping pics!

Nat said...

wow girl- that is a lot of eyecandy. Love it!!!

Dana said...

WOWSA! Look at this scrap bonanza! What a feast for the eyes!!!

Juls said...

Absolutely LOVE the 'camping book'...and the "bowling' them all...I always enjoy seeing your finished projects !!..XOXO, Mom

andrea aka shopgirl said...

awesome mini! such a cute idea!

your LOs are just great and the torn picture one is so TRUE. my parents arent even divorced but my Mom ripped thier only wedding portrait up in half one time. lovely.

Kate said...

yeah you're back!! love that divorce pic LO!! cute stuff you are crafting up!!

aimee said...

yeah, you updated! i've been stalking you to see when you were going to post again. great layouts!

Holly said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, Elizabeth. I totally adore that book that you made with Elsie's Forrest line! So cute!

Melissa said...

Oh I love them all! Cool color combo on Pouty Princess!
Very cool lettering on the Bowling one! Love the flags and how they are waving on 'Proud'
and Miss annie Oakley is adorable!