Thursday, July 24, 2008


thanks everyone for the well wishes for my bella*boo! i'm just ready for the 12th to get her so i can find out what comes next. boy do i hate to wait :) i'll keep ya updated.


i wanted to share some other scrappiness that i have been working on lately. i don't know why, but i scrap in some major spurts. i'll scrap like crazy and then you won't see anything from me for weeks. totally annoying.


this is another mini (told ya i was hooked) that i did on sunday and believe it or not, it got me on the catwalk which is so cool.

i take a ton of pictures of nature related items. have no idea why since birds scare the shit outta me and its always so hot outside, but when something catches my eye, i've gotta snap it. so this is an album devoted to a few of my faves :)













(excuse some of the wonky pics, but i scanned em and well transparency doesn't scan well :(

then this next lo i did for the design experiment. you were to do a lo on comfort and believe it or not, this is what comforts me. i know noel will totally agree with me on this ;) oh and a lot of the goodies i used on this page came from the picnic basket kit over at noel mignon.


can you believe how much i've been scrappin'?
oh and i've been cross stitchin' up a storm as well. i'll have to post pics of those too. nothing like the kiddos being in bed, jb on the tube, and doing a lil xstitching :)

{deep sigh}



Greta Adams said...

oh yeas dear...that layout is fab and your mini is as well...i love those pics... i need to get my rear in gear

aimee said...

that mini is wonderful. i am so not an outdoor person. but your mini makes me want to go outside and enjoy nature.
i haven't scrapped anything in about five days. just been so busy. i think i'm starting to get the shakes! hee hee

Deanna said...

Oh my gawd... this mini rocks! Love it... you have already inspired me to do a mini (all by myslef, to be posted eventually) and now I can't wait to do another!

PS... love the layout too!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

love the mini! you are a crazy mini making fool!

congrats on the catwalk!

Crafty Connie said...

Super great layouts. Love the nature pics in the mini.

noelmignon said...

The Mini is AWESOME!! And yes girl...J.B. sings me to sleep every night...LOL!

Sarah said...

So sorry about your Bella! I am loving your mini! Giving me an idea on my own mini...hmmmm...

Melissa said...

Oh I love your new mini! You're doing such a great job on them!!!
Hugs to Bella.. hope she's doing ok!

BTW, I tagged you on my blog... kinda boring stuff, but if you have a few minutes.

Dana said...

love love love love love love love love your work !

Dana said...
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noelmignon said...

hey girl....there is an award waiting for you on my blog! :)

Colleen said...


I dream of scrappin said...

Amazing, I love this! Love it!!

BTW you have been tagged!! PLease check out my blog for more info!

Anna M-W said...

Holy shit. That mini fucking rocks. I love it.

Ginajam said...

I Llllloooovvvveeee your mini...way to go!!

hazel said...

awesome mini book, like the way you arranged it.