Saturday, March 05, 2005


here are just a couple of scrapbooking pages i've done (i really need to get my ass in gear and scan all of them. but there's a good 75+ and that's kinda time consuming...maybe if i gave up a lil tv ;)

here's a page that i did with this excellent picture that mike took of me and bella shortly after we were finally able to bring her home. i luv how it looks like she is giving me a kiss! the lil bottles that are hanging down for the title, the first and last contain seed beads and the middle one contains a letter that i wrote her for her to read when she is all grown up and inherits her scrapbook.

this is me and mikey eating the delicious food they served us while we were in the hospital after delivering bella. now i have to ask, who in their right mind serves a woman who has just been cut open from one side of her to the other so another human being can be taken out of her, red beans and rice?!?!?

this picture (which breaks my heart every time i look at it) is my lil bella-boo while she was in nicu. she was there for about 6 days. i'll have to post her birth story at a later time.


Penny said...

These pages are BEAUTIFUL! I am sure your bella will love them when she gets older!

elizabeth said...

thanks penny! i hope today (that is if i get some much needed housework done) i can get some other pages scanned. i have neglected the poor scrapbooks for about a year now (thats what ya get i guess when you luv more than one craft). i need to get back on the ball.