Sunday, March 20, 2005


here's our easter card for 2005. hopefully, the recipients won't be stopping by here to get a sneek peak!!


KB said...

Awww, that's adorable!

Daph said...

I tried to leave you comments yesterday, but blogger was being a ka-ka poo-poo. Yaay that hubby is finally done and home now! And that it SOOOOOOOO cool that Patricia Cornwell was the speaker.

That cupcake book is so cute! Make sure you post pics of all the crazy cupcakes you make.

I lovelove the Easter card. Did you make it? Your kids are just two little cutie patooties! :)

elizabeth said...

daph, i hope to start using haloscan after seeing how you and kb had yours set up (however, i'm still a lil nervous about doing it).

yeah, i made the cards. i just matted the pics w/ pink paper and the bottom part is ribbon that i picked up at walmart a few years back for $0.25. its so crazy, i think i have 3 rolls of it and it is the first time that i am using it ;)