Sunday, March 06, 2005


here baby are some new pictures of your lil bugs. they miss you incredibly and we all cannot wait for you to come home next saturday! can you believe that we can finally say next saturday? (and for those of you that get your "next" and "this"____ confused, i mean on the 19th).

mikey and isabella coloring at the table.

mikey and bella dining in his room (yes, i am that kind of mommy!)

this is what i get when i let lil bella eat chili on her own.

bella playing in her "kitchen" after we got her room all cleaned up.

here is bella acting like she is asleep....ahhh, i can already hear her acceptance speech "and i would like to thank my mommy for always having the camera in my face which is what has inspired me to be the academy award winning actress that i am today!"

bella going for a drive at melana's bday party

bella going for a bike ride at melana's bday party.

and for anyone that is wondering where are all the single shots of mikey, he's been too busy playing to have his picture taken (playing and cleaning up the hell-hole we call his bedroom).

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