Sunday, March 20, 2005


well, after graduation, i grabbed the yellowpages and we hopped in the car and went scooping out some craft shops. we found a place called "heavenly beads" where i purchased the following items:

easter colored beads

an assortment of beads that are going to be turned into beautiful things :)

then we stopped at joann's where i purchased the below buttons:

flapper buttons that i saw on someone else's blog and since our local joann's had shut down, i knew i was going to have to stop by.

pretty blue buttons

we also stopped at target since we don't have a local one (unless you count a 45 min. drive local). we walked around and i saw a ton of things i wanted, but the following things had me giddy with delight!

paper napkins and plates to add to the collection (and to use at our next game party)

some much needed coasters to go with my collection

i think that about sums it up for my shopping. sure wish we woulda had more time to hit a knitting store that we saw after it had closed :)

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