Sunday, March 20, 2005


well, the time had finally came! i got to fly to knoxville, tn to see mike graduate from the national forensic academy. our 10 week separation was finally over. i was so excited to see him i couldn't stand myself. i boarded my first plan here in gulfport and then had a two hour layover in memphis (where i proceeded to read magazines and knit). i finally boarded my second plane to knoxville and we arrived and sat and sat and sat and sat and sat on the runaway waiting to pull up to the terminal. we didn't know exactly why we were sitting there until the pilot (gorgeous ;) finally decided to let us that that in the plane in front of us, one of the passengers was stupid drunk and needed to be escorted off the plane by airport police. i couldn't stand it anymore. get that drunk fool off the plane so i can see my hubby!

i finally get off the damn plane and proceeded to kiss my hubby for the first time in 10 weeks. ahhhhh....everything was right again.

that night, we met all the people from his class for dinner at the riverside restaurant which was absolutely delish! i also had a chocolate kiss and almond joy martini which were both to die for (must find recipes on the net for those).

friday was the big graduation day!! we got all dressed up and went to a fancy restaurant for the ceremony. patricia cornwell was the guest speaker at the ceremony as she is greatly involved with the wonderful program. there was also an award called the "dr. bass award" which is given to the student that goes above and beyond during the 10 weeks. the students and teachers vote for the winner. and with an almost unanimous decision.....

....mike won!!!!!

i was so happy that i was crying. what an honor for him. i am so proud of him, he will never know!! the award is beautiful.

after the graduation, me and mike decided to pal around knoxville and check out a few craft stores and such (see next post).

saturday we came home and are both glad to be here and our family to be all together again! is good :)

view from plane

view from plane

me and mike all doodied up for graduation

mike recs. dr. bass award from patricia cornwell

mike recs. diploma

class plaque

dr. bass award

weird headless statue outside of restaurant (i couldn't resist)

dunkin donuts stop on the way home

our welcome home sign

you can view other photos here but i haven't had a chance to clean em all up or put captions on em!


KB said...

Happy graduation! I'm so glad he's back with his lovely family!


elizabeth said...

thanks kb...i'm glad he's back too!

Candice said...

Ugh. My hubby is in paramedic school right now at UCLA and we are looking at , for financil reasons, being seperated for the next 6 months. I admit it will be easier for him, but me and two kids living at my moms for the next 6 months? I hope we all survive this. Congrats on your own happy reunion and open the door to prosperity and living again like a "normal" family!!

Cathy Sapp said...

I found this while searching for NFA stuff... I was one of Mike's classmates! (Cathy Sapp) He deserved the Dr. Bass award more than anyone I could think of! Our class had a great time in Knoxville. I'm glad to see that he is as well thought of at home as he was in school. Stay in touch!