Wednesday, August 24, 2005


these are the invitations i sent out for mikey's bday party next saturday. we also got a box full of goodies from oriental trading and noticed that i forgot to get the eyepatches. so i also ordered a box full of goodies from dead men tell no tales which is a great website full of pirate-y goodness.

my camera is still battery-less so hopefully tomorrow i can post pictures of all the goodies :)

i got the map design from coolest-kid-birthday-parties and saved it to my pictures folder. i then entered all the text with one of 1000+ fonts i have on the computer. they were printed out on a beige paper and i attempted to burn the edges but that was a big ol disaster. it burned really slow and then when i burned the flame out, it kept on burning. so i then tore the edges and took a black ink pad and blotted the ink pad on the edges. voila!


KB said...

Very Cool!!!!

Daph said...

Told ya, coolest party EVARRRRRRR (get it, get it? LOL)!!

elizabeth said...

lol...i get it!

thanks kb :)

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!