Monday, August 22, 2005


saturday, while i was surfin' around groucy frog i saw some yummy looking coconut cupcakes and i knew i had to try them out.

i used 1 box of white cake mix, followed the amount of eggs and oil on the box and instead of water, used coconut milk. i then frosted them with vanilla frosting (next time i will use a more "white" frosting and maybe add coconut oil to it or just make my own), toasted some shredded coconut and voila!

coconut cupcakes.

they are so friggin' good. the coconut milk does wonders to the cupcake texture. it really didn't add much of a coconut taste, so i think i am going to try it with other cake mixes too!

okay, i'm off to go eat one :)


Susanne said...

hey, you really did go out and buy the coconut! rockin'! i love the toasty flakes (i usually burn them :)).

i should have put up a note that yeah, the coconut milk didn't add much coconutty flavor but they sure were moist. i'll have to experiment too, please do post your other concoctions, i'm intrigued!

Amanda said...

Yum I bet they are good, let us know how they are.

elizabeth said...

susanne, i almost did burn the you didn't notice in the picture, the flakes are really dark brown. i went to check on em and stir em up and they were very light brown, shut the oven door, wandered off for what felt like a few seconds, came back and they were DARK brown. next time i will have to watch em better :)

amanda, they are so darn delicious, i really have to tell myself not to eat more than one. that coconut milk does wonders to the texture.

Giao said...

Oh no, those look SO good! Yum!

myra said...

I saw these over at Grouchy Frog too. Yours look yummy yummy as well! I gotta add this to my "to bake" list.

Daph said...

Please adopt me. PLEASE??