Tuesday, August 23, 2005


since the batteries are dead in my camera and i am unable to show you pics of the scarf that i made for a friend's upcoming bday or isabella's new cast, i thought i would show you a pic that i took about a week ago for a post that i never got around to.

i bought this purse at the thrift store when i was in highschool and going thru my "wear men's jeans, tshirts, flannel shirts, i don't care about putting on make-up or doing my hair" phase. i love the 70's orange/green combo. i love the flowers and the odd shape of the purse. the only thing i don't love is how small it is. i can't fit all my crap in it. so this purse only makes an appearance on special occasions when i don't have to carry around all that crap.

i can't believe that i have had this purse for about 10 years. glad to see that my style hasn't changed much...well except for the fact that i now wear women's jeans, cute girly tshirts, no flannel shirts, and i do care very much about my hair and make-up ;)

on a side note, i just have to tell ya'll how much i LOVE microsoft access. i love the idea that i am one of two at work that even know how to open it up. i love that i (okay and the other one of two) have designed a database for my office that is very useful. i love that i am almost done with mike's database and that i figured out a whole new part (creating a switchboard) today without anyone's help at all. i even love how stressed out i was last friday (to the point of actual tears) when i thought that i had deleted the whole darn thing (thats three weeks + of work people). i love the accomplishment that it gives me. i love how my boss asks me if i am still in love with access when he hears me swearing on the other side of the wall.

i just love access.

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