Tuesday, August 23, 2005


okay, whenever i read other "self portrait tuesday" posts, i think "self, one day you are going to remember this on an actual tuesday and not a thursday or friday". so of course after i posted about the lil vintage purse, i was checking out a few other blogs and i was reminded. again, since the old camera does not have any working batteries tonight, i scanned an older picture.

i love this picture. partly i think b/c of the story that goes with it but mostly b/c of the way that i am looking at him and even though you can't see his face, you know he is looking at me.

it was my birthday about five years ago and a buncha us went out to a bar/club in one of the local casinos. as usual, once i get to drinking, i wanna smoke. at that time, michael didn't really like that that much and of course, an argument ensued. this is partially due to the fact that since i had been drinking and it was my bday, i had a cigarette anyway.

this is us making up. i sat on his lap and had just popped in a piece of gum (note: if you look close enough at the picture, it looks like i had prolly popped in the whole pack) and we were saying our sorry's (and as usual, i prolly said it first ;) after that we had kissed and everything was back to normal again.

the rest of the evening was fabulous. we stayed in a suite in another casino hotel and it was gorgeous. one of the officers (okay lieutenant) that was with us had had chocolate covered strawberries and champagne set to our room. we also had a jacuzzi tub that we definetly enjoyed ;)

it was a good bday!!

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